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Unparalleled clarity and convenience with Business PSTN lines.

Despite the slew of mobile devices that were expected to take the place of fixed lines, PSTN services continue to be common among businesses. As a century-old technology, its familiarity and ease of use continues to help it thrive. Well into the 21st century, business landlines are still common among SMEs because of its undeniable reliability.

What are business phone lines (PSTN)?

Phone services delivered through the traditional copper network are called PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network lines. As a dedicated service, each line comes with a unique phone number that comes with the area code of its assigned telephone exchange.

While similar in function to residential landlines used at homes, business phone line services are managed on less congested networks. This makes it possible to deliver clearer voice quality and higher availability, to meet the demands of business use.


PSTN is an analog phone service that provides one phone number for every phone line. It is ideal for small businesses that only require one or two lines. This type of business landline is required to support fax and EFTPOS machines, back to base alarm systems, and ADSL connections.

On the other hand, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a digital phone service that enables multiple simultaneous phone calls on shared lines. This type of landline service was common among medium to large businesses, before hosted phone services became a popular and more cost-effective option.

Why do you need business landlines?

An enterprise-grade solution for small businesses.

  • Experience wider network coverage and improved reliability on Alltel’s business-grade network. With less users sharing a single network, you can enjoy superior voice quality that’s fit for the heavy demands of business use.
  • Using your mobile as your main business number makes you look too small and unprofessional. Project a stable and established image for your business by having a dedicated business phone line for your customers.
  • Discourage the use of mobile phones for work. Ensure professionalism is maintained at all times by using your business numbers for all business communications. This is to make sure that your customers stay on with your business even after staff leave.

A business line that’s always available.

  • Minimise loss of business and remain professional by having a dedicated line as a back-up phone solution. Your dedicated phone service supports business continuity and stays up despite power or internet outages.
  • Your business requires timely and topnotch customer support that understands your time is money. Going with a business communications specialist as your PSTN provider means you’re not queueing among thousands of residential users.

A PSTN service that delivers big savings.

  • Enjoy low call rates billed in 1-second increments. Save on local and national calls, which come included free, for services on a 12-month term.
  • Your Alltel Business phone service has no minimum cost or monthly spend requirement. Experience complete flexibility with our month-to-month or 12-month terms.
  • Transfer your existing service from another provider to Alltel for FREE. Simply give us your existing account information and we’ll coordinate a smooth transfer with your provider.

A business landline that supports your existing systems.

  • Your Alltel business lines are compatible with our ADSL Broadband service. Get your business phone as part of an ADSL+PSTN bundle, and enjoy additional discounts together with higher bandwidth.
  • Connect multiple sites, remote workers, or work on the road with enhanced call redirection options. Program calls to ring specific extensions or mobile numbers when a specific line is engaged or down.

Setting up your business phone lines.

New connections, relocation, and transfers.

New connections may incur varying set-up costs, depending on the complexity of your connection. This will be determined by the need for a technician visit or additional cabling at your premises.

Relocating your service to new premises will be treated as a new connection. No break fees will apply to your previous contract, while a new contract period for the relocated service will begin. Both services may also be overlapped if required.

For transfers of service to Alltel, an active phone number and dial tone is required. Please do not cancel your service before we have confirmed the transfer to avoid unexpected loss of service for your business.

More great features.

Access superior reliability and service quality on an extensive business-grade network.
Enjoy complete flexibility with our PSTN VOICE (month to month) or PSTN VOICE PRO plan (12 month term).
Upgrade or downgrade your business phone plans anytime, at no added cost.
Move your existing business numbers to Alltel from other providers for FREE.
Features attached to your landline (i.e. call forwarding, call waiting) will automatically be transferred to your new service.
Get this as a stand-alone or a bundled service. Enjoy discounts and extra data with the Alltel ADSL + PSTN bundle.
Your business lines are compatible with Alltel Inbound Numbers such as 13, 1300, and 1800 Numbers.
Generate reports, track your usage, and manage your services through MyAlltel, a self-managed web portal.

Cover the essentials and switch to clear communications.