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    Future-proof your communications with
    seamless connectivity and business phone systems.

    Move your phone system to the cloud and unlock endless capability.

    Business phone systems are complete communication solutions that connect your business across Australia and to the rest of the world. Thanks to cloud technology, the days of expensive and bulky physical phone systems are gone. Enterprise-grade hosted phone systems are now accessible and affordable to businesses of any size.

    As on-demand communications becomes an unavoidable part of everyday life, the pressure for SMEs to be available and deliver a high level of support continues to increase. Thankfully, technology has made it possible to deliver enterprise-grade phone systems at startup costs.

    Alltel business phone systems are designed to help you reach out to customers, collaborate with peers, and prepare your business for the future through affordable yet feature-rich services.

    Unified Communications

    What is unified communications?

    Unified communications is a service that gives you complete flexibility across devices through a single, user-friendly interface. Seamlessly integrate business applications that are critical to your operations, through your own UC solution.

    Ideal for:

    SMEs who want an all-cloud communications solution. Recommended for remote or mobile workers, multiple sites, and businesses who want to improve the flexibility and reliability of their existing phone systems.

    Hosted PBX

    What is hosted PBX?

    Hosted PBX is an affordable full-featured business phone service, run on Alltel’s servers and delivered over the internet. Enjoy low call rates, enhanced collaboration, and increased reliability on a hosted phone service for business.

    Ideal for:

    Businesses that want complete enterprise-grade phone functionalities for a low cost. Enjoy quick installation, no maintenance, scalable extensions, and unified communications capabilities through desktop and mobile softphones.

    Business VoIP

    What is Business VoIP?

    A business VoIP service lets you make and receive calls over your internet connection. Get lower monthly rental fees and call rates while enjoying complete mobility.

    Ideal for:

    Businesses that only need one or two phones. Recommended for freelancers, sales people, or teleworkers that work in multiple sites, but want better features and rates compared to mobile phones.

    SIP trunking

    What is SIP trunking?

    SIP trunking is a hosted service that connects your existing PBX to Alltel’s business-grade VoIP network instead of switched networks. Save on line rental by only paying for lines used concurrently.

    Ideal for:

    Businesses with an in-house IP-PBX system. SIP Trunking allows you to protect your investment while minimising costs through affordable VoIP call rates. Highly recommended for improved business continuity.

    Business lines (PSTN)

    What are Business lines (PSTN)?

    Business lines (PSTN) are reliable business-grade landline services with extensive network coverage. Transfer existing numbers without service interruptions to take advantage of low call rates and responsive support.

    Ideal for:

    Businesses that require a simple phone service with one phone number per line. Also recommended for businesses with ADSL connections, fax & EFTPOS machines, and back-to-base alarm systems

    Propel your business to success with smart and simple communications technology, tailored just for you.