Why are business phone systems still important in the mobile age?

Pia Rios
Pia Rios

Technology has changed the way businesses and individuals communicate. Yet, even with a slew of powerful mobile phones becoming the preferred means of communication, why are hosted business phone systems still a thing? Why are business phone systems such as VoIP and unified comms still important even in the age of mobile phones?

1. Security.

Business interactions involve the sharing of classified information, and such data is unlikely to be safe and secure when communication is done through mobile phones. There have been numerous cases of cell phone tapping because not all mobile phones can be fully relied on in terms of security.

However, for business phone systems, security isn’t an issue. You gain control over the avenue of communication as the involvement of third-party intermediaries are eliminated. Moreover, you can set a localised phone system for internal communications within the business that don’t have to go through an external server, so interactions are secure and safe.

In addition, some VoIP business phone system providers come with VPN services, which guarantee end-to-end encryption of chat and voice messages transferred over the internet via their systems. Rest assured that classified data remains classified.

2. Functionality.

When it comes to making every day phone calls and texting, mobile phones appear to be a smart option. However, there's not much a smartphone alone can do when the need for critical business functions arises such as call recording, call transfers, or multi-party video conferencing.

You can also make regular calls to a mobile phone on your business phone system. There's no need for a separate mobile number. Other than that, you can make free calls to a co-worker on the same business phone system.

3. Flexibility.

Unlike its earlier versions, business phone systems could only be accessed on one desk phone. Now, however, the latest phone systems are more flexible. You can access it even on your mobile phone! Today, business phone systems and mobile phones are complementary – they can work together. You can take a call on your desk phone, then pull the same call to your mobile in case you have to get in the car and drive to a meeting.

One great example is Unified Communications, which is a business phone system that integrates video and voice calls, chat, file sharing, and collaboration tools into one. You can access it on a desk phone, a softphone such as a computer or a tablet, and on your mobile device. This ensures that you can call and talk to your clients no matter where you are working from. Your team can also access the business phone system even while working from home.

Business phone systems also allow multiple calls to numerous clients over the world from the same phone number – all at the same time. Also, you can have one phone number that can be reached anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This is something a mobile alone can’t do.

Unified communications: A business phone system like no other

Current phone systems support all the ways a business communicates with employees, clients, and customers. Apart from traditional phone calls, business phones integrate video conferencing, online faxing, text messaging, audio conferencing, file sharing, and instant messaging. One system that unifies all these together is Unified Communications, and its main components are as follows.

  • Voice calls: allows employees to receive and make calls. Providers of business phone systems offer inbound number plans as well, such as a toll-free number or a local number.
  • Web or video conference calls: a unified comms system allows users to host conference calls with up to 10 people. Other systems allow more than 10 people in a conference call.
  • Instant and text messaging: Many unified comms systems allow instant messaging where employees can send messages back and forth. Other systems also allow text messages being sent from a business line.
  • Fax: Rather than using a dedicated fax machine, unified comms allows fax to be sent online through the platform.

With all these tools in one system, collaboration becomes easier for employees and keeps everyone on the team productive.

In any business, communication is vital for success. Phone systems like unified comms ensure that everyone stays connected to the business, to the customers, and with all members of the team. Even in the age of mobile phones, business phone systems are a vital tool that won’t compromise professionalism, ensures secure communications, improves credibility, and saves your business money by taking out unnecessary overhead costs like phone bills.

Alltel: A business phone system that works for any business

Whatever the nature and size of your business, we have the phone system that suits your needs, whether it’s VoIP, unified comms, or hosted PBX. Contact us today at 1300 255 835 or visit us at www.alltel.com.au to learn more about our range of business phone systems that can work hand in hand with your mobile phone.

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