If your business is your treasure, get a gold 1300 Number

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
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Like any proud business owner, you want only the very best. The phone is an important tool in the way you do business, so it makes sense that you should have the best phone number possible. That's what Gold 1300 Numbers are for!

Alltel's Gold 1300 Numbers are a great addition to any business. These numbers contain repeated digits or simple sequences that help to make them easy to say, easy to remember and easy to dial. This makes them ideal for promoting and marketing your business.

Like regular 1300 numbers, Alltel Gold Numbers come with powerful built-in reporting options. Call details such as who is calling, when they're calling, where they're calling from and the length of each call help to give you insights into your customer base and to measure the success of different marketing campaigns and channels.

Gold Numbers are available from Alltel from a once-off fee of $59, which is a fraction of the $250+ that a government-issued smartnumber will cost you! After purchasing your Alltel Gold Number, it's yours for as long as you keep it connected.

Alltel searches through the list of available 1300 (and 1800) numbers each day, and reserves those with the best patterns and repeating digits for the exclusive use of our customers. Some recent examples include the following:

  • 1300 22 77 64
  • 1300 90 97 90

Choose a Gold 1300 Number

Choose one of the Gold Numbers available on our web site, and we'll have it up and running for you in 3-7 business days. Or if you select a random Gold Number (that we assign to you), we can have that up and running in just 1 business day.

Our Gold 1300 (and 1800) Number plans come with no contracts, no flagfall, no call connection fee, no monthly minimum spend and low call rates ... all backed up by great customer service. And you'll enjoy all of the benefits that 1300 numbers provide, including powerful routing options, the ability to move your number with you as your business grows, and a professional, national presence.

Don't settle for a regular phone number. Give your business a golden advantage today!

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