Advanced VoIP systems, Uncomplicated pricing.

Alltel’s SmartConnect VoIP & Hosted PBX plans keep it simple and reliable. Plans start at $15 per month.

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The business phone system that gets you the best bang for your buck.

Alltel Business VoIP services

With SmartConnect VoIP & Hosted PBX, you’ll get your business the one phone system to rule them all. No complicated back-end stuff, just reliable communication at decidedly lower rates.

Our VoIP office phone services are delivered through the internet. Not only is it faster and cheaper, it also lets us give you modern PBX features from the Cisco Webex app.

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SmartConnect VoIP is more than
a typical phone system.

Cost-effective connectivity

Integrated communication

No flagfall or call connection charges for all calls within Australia.
Connect to customers at no additional charge.

Connect with staff and customers on one system cloud-based interface message icon
Advanced management and overview of your incoming calls. VoIP VoIP line VoIP lines Business VoIP Business VoIP Lines BPS VoIP message icon call icon

Call flow & virtual office features

Call centre solutions

Business VoIP phone systems include standard features like customisable call queuing and routing, Voice2Email, missed call notifications and more.

Scalable & flexible service

Scalable phone system

Get an office phone system that lets you add or remove numbers and
services without the need for new hardware or cabling.

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attachments documents message icon encrypted messages Encrypted and secure conversations

Security and convenience.

Encrypted and secure conversations.

Use the Cisco Webex app to connect with customers and team
members securely on any device.

Easy call data management.

Call analytics

View call reports, manage services, and integrate SmartConnect with
your CRM platform on the My Alltel self-service portal.

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Take your VoIP plan anywhere,
on any device.

We’ve partnered up with Cisco to bring you the one app your team needs to connect: Cisco Webex.

cisco webex
Cisco webex

A cross-device app

Cisco Webex is available on PC, Linux Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

cisto webex

Integrated softphone

All VoIP plans lets you use Cisco Webex to make and take calls on any device.

Download Cisco Webex


Here’s the basics on VoIP
phone systems.

What is VoIP

VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that delivers incoming and outgoing calls over the internet instead of a regular copper network.

IP phone systems, like our SmartConnect plans, work exactly like typical phone lines— just with added features that make it optimal for business use.

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SmartConnect plan included numbers location internet icon internet icon

What’s included?

Are any numbers included with
a SmartConnect plan?

Business VoIP numbers for each plan.

Every VoIP subscription includes 1 direct in-dial (DID) number, while additional numbers are available at a low cost. These VoIP-based DID phone numbers are special, as they let anyone in Australia contact your business at local call rates.

Being virtual numbers, different DIDs can be used for different areas and regions but still get redirected to one endpoint. You have the option to get new numbers or keep your existing landline, VoIP, 1300 and 1800 inbound numbers by transferring your service to Alltel.


Smarter communications with SmartConnect VoIP.

call recording icon
Call recording

Record your calls to ensure the quality of your customer interactions. Use call recordings to provide valuable feedback to your teams, capture information accurately, and improve regulatory compliance with legal or industry standards.

crm data integration
CRM integration

Integrate SmartConnect® with your CRM Tool to gain quick access to client and lead information for every call. Identify opportunities and strategise for growth by combining sales and customer service data.

voicemail addon
Voicemail add-on

Use your own recording and assign an email address to receive and access voice messages online.

enhanced call queue
Enhanced call queue

Provide your business with a fully functional call centre that comes with basic queueing capabilities. Get other functions such as agent states, supervising, and reporting.

premium call queue
Premium call queue

Get all the features of an enhanced call queue, along with advanced queueing capabilities. It includes selective call forwarding, night service, and holiday service.

Reception Enterprise Console web app
Reception enterprise console

An application that provides your receptionist full visibility over your phone system, and allows them to handle calls for multiple sites and users seamlessly.

Go Operator
Go Operator

A PC application that allows you to manage calls, check the status of each extension, and distribute calls to connected sites.

Queue Supervisor web app
Queue supervisor

Manage the queue and check the call status of each agent through an easy-to-use web application.

Soft phone application
Soft phone application

Make and receive phone calls over the internet through an application that extends business phone capabilities to your desktop.

Auto Attendant (IVR) Basic
Auto attendant (IVR) Basic

An IVR solution that gives customers the ability to navigate their own calls to their intended user or department. Create a customised menu for business hours, after-hours and holidays.

Auto Attendant (IVR) Premium
Auto attendant (IVR) Premium

Boost your IVR system with additional features such as call forwarding and selective call forwarding that redirects calls based on pre-set conditions.

Hunt Group Enhanced
Hunt group enhanced

Forward calls to the next available user, when the first line in the hunt group is unavailable by customising your call forward settings. Hunt group, call forwarding, and music on hold are included with your SmartConnect® Office plan as standard.

Hunt Group Premium
Hunt group premium

Redirect calls to specific users within the hunt group based on a set of pre-determined conditions by configuring your call forwarding and selective call forwarding settings.

Voicemail User (no calling)
Voicemail user (no calling)

Get a dedicated group voicemail service for your business phone system.


Here’s why you’d love a SmartConnect
business phone system.

It’s a cost-effective phone system fit for any industry.

The only thing you’ll need for a hosted cloud phone system is a reliable internet connection, and one or two phones. This is in stark comparison to legacy business phone systems, which requires the maintenance of expensive hardware.

SmartConnect’s plug-and-play functionality eliminates the need to install or construct new phone lines, which reduces costs, while also making service activation a breeze.

It helps ensure your business’ communications continuity.

Unlike premise-based phone systems, a hosted VoIP system works in the cloud, which secures your communications from the threat of security breaches, power outages, inclement weather, or any other unforseen events.

You can rest easy knowing that a VoIP service will remain uninterrupted, no matter what happens. Alltel’s SmartConnect servers are all located in several redundant locations, and are serviced by a team of highly-skilled IT professionals.

It gets you enterprise-grade features at clear & reasonable prices.

Alltel’s SmartConnect plans let you enjoy big business features for as low as $15/month. For example, its included DID number lets you connect to customers across Australia by offering local call rates regardless of location.

With a trusted business VoIP provider like Alltel, you can be assured of the awesome service, honest pricing, and smart technology you deserve.

VoIP scales to your changing needs.

As your business grows, and as you accommodate more customers, you may have to increase your phone system’s capabilities and endpoints.

Because a VoIP system like SmartConnect is all hosted, any future upgrades or additional DID numbers won’t have to cost you unreasonable amounts of money or take weeks to implement.

Internet speed & latency requirements.

Because SmartConnect runs over the internet, call clarity will largely depend on your internet quality. As a rule of thumb, you need to be able to sustain 100 Kbps up and down with less than 4ms jitter. You or your IT administrator can help determine the compatibility of your connection through a ping test.

You should get results of:

  • Line quality of good or above
  • MOS of 4 or above
  • Ping of less than 100 ms
  • Packet loss of 0%

Even with good results from a ping test, heavy data users that work with large files or want 6 or more extensions may need a dedicated internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support your requirements. If you’d like to browse our data & internet plans, you can view them here

Bandwidth usage.

Our provided phones typically use the G729 Codec, which uses the following average amounts of bandwidth for audio calls:

  • 1 minute call = 234 Kilobytes
  • 1 hour call = 13.71 Megabytes

These estimates are for a single direction only and assume only one phone is being used. If your provider charges for uploads as well as downloads, you will need to double these estimates.

Data usage may also vary when using the Cisco Webex softphone app on your PC or mobile.

Our business consultants can also help you determine how much bandwidth is needed for your service.

Compatible hardware.

IP phone handsets purchased through Alltel come pre-configured for plug and play, zero-touch setup. We cannot guarantee the operation or compatibility of phones not purchased from Alltel or their compatibility with our network.

Switches, routers, and other hardware can be purchased from third parties. However, for your convenience, we also offer a range of hardware for sale, all of which come with direct manufacturer support.

Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices can also access your SmartConnect line through Cisco Webex.


Browse hardware.

Show Hardware

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Learn more about VoIP systems.

Smartconnect self-management portal


Your VoIP plan, in your hands.

Smartconnect self-management portal

Customise your call flow, track your usage, change service settings, and access important reports through our user management portal.

Frequently asked questions

Got more questions
about VoIP systems?

Do you need a landline for VoIP?

No. VoIP phone systems don’t require the installation of standard copper cables. Because VoIP desk phones connect to the Internet, they only need a regular Ethernet connection.

Do cordless phones or mobiles work with VoIP?

Not all cordless phones work with a VoIP service. VoIP providers require a certain or custom phone that works with the service.

You may, however, use a mobile or PC as an auxiliary softphone. Simply download the Cisco Webex app to gain this functionality.

How does a hosted PBX phone system work?

Hosted PBX uses the internet connection, which is significantly different from the standard telephone services that uses lines or cables.

Standard IP PBX phone systems transfer calls from the internet (IP) to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

What happens if my Internet goes down?

Hosted phone systems work over the internet instead of over analog phone lines. So, if your internet connection goes down, then so does the ability to make and receive phone calls.

Can I port my number in or out?

Yes, but take note that the porting period can vary. While some ports take as little as one business day, the transfer or port of different numbers or between two virtual PBX providers is likely to take longer.

We have been using Alltel’s hosted PBX solution now for 8 months and couldn't be happier. Their support team is ultra-responsive, and our account executive is always attentive to our needs. Would definitely recommend them without hesitation.

Daniel Manning | Soma IT | Via Google review

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