Call recording and other secrets to staff training revealed!

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Call Recording and Other Secrets to Staff Training Revealed!

As much as you would want to, it’s impossible to monitor every single call your team handles. More than that, it’s also counter-productive to use your time micromanaging your staff. So how can you reach a happy medium between maintaining quality without eating up all your time?

A call recording service lets you check the quality of calls remotely, so you can focus on your main tasks, knowing you can check on your staff whenever you have free time. Here’s how you can maximise this service to your business advantage.

Create a quality standard

Before reviewing calls, the first order of business is setting a standard for customer service that everyone in your team must follow. Make sure that these key performance indicators are clear among you and your team.

Having a measurable standard is good, but don’t let numbers and percentages distract you from what’s really important. Call recording allows you to put more focus on the customer experience. At the end of the day, you should make decisions whether further coaching is necessary based on this.

Monitor random calls

Listening in on calls side by side typically result in unnatural results. Often, people on the phone slip back to old habits right after the evaluation is done. This service allows you to choose random recordings to monitor, giving you a better idea of your staff’s day to day calls.

With this tool, you can easily check if calls meet compliance standards. Some industries, like those in the legal field, require strict requirements that have to be followed at all times. Some also apply, even on phone calls. Call recordings also aid in case of any complaints or disputes. Having these files at hand lets you have tangible proof that you can look back on if the need arises.

Training and coaching

Customer service is all about creating a good experience for customers. This applies both in person and over the phone. Having voice recordings of good calls are perfect for training new and existing staff. Let them listen to real life situations as an effective way of preparing them to handle similar situations.

Letting your team listen one by one to their own calls gives them the chance to identify areas for improvement on their own. If they fail to see problem areas through this activity, it may be a sign that one general training plan for all employees may not be sufficient. Consider drafting a plan for each team member that needs it.

The same goes for ‘bad’ calls that didn’t go as well as they could. Evaluate these as a team, instead of individually. Each member can share their suggestions or relate it to their own similar experiences. Doing this in a group setting helps you find weaknesses in your call handling process easily. More than that, discussing changes to business processes as a group also shows your team that their input is valued in making important business decisions.

Be open to change and improvements

Even quality assurance activities have to be periodically reviewed to make sure that your standards are still applicable and relevant to your team’s experiences. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of having a call recording service, call us up at 1300 ALLTEL or visit ALLTEL.

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