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Get call data for days with an Analytix inbound number’s advanced call intelligence & tracking tech.

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It’s time to make better calls
for your business.

Analytix call tracking

Staying on top of all your calls can get hard. Make your number work harder—and smarter— for your business.

Analytix takes the guesswork away from your phone calls. Its advanced reporting shows you exactly how many people are calling, when they’re calling, and what ads make them pick up that phone.

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Get introduced to Analytix.

Watch this quick explainer on how call tracking & management works.

Get introduced to Analytix
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Here's how Analytix can help
your business.

Explore the data that drives your calls.

Review valuable reports and insights that shows you everything from how many calls you get, where your calls. come from, when they happen the most.

Turn missed calls into unmissable opportunities

Recover missed calls and lost leads by reaching out to customers via SMS or outbound call.

Custom call routing made effortless

IVR, time & day, location-based, and advanced routing options are easily manageable with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Track and integrate calls with your marketing tools

Make Analytix work seamlessly with your existing CRM platforms with just one click, and track which of your ads lead more calls.

Take a deeper dive into your call data with detailed reports

time and day report web journey tracking call data report call duration report missed call tracking call insights

Take a deeper dive into your
call data with detailed reports

Time & Day Logging

Learn when your business gets the most inbound calls.

Web Journey Tracking

See what webpages callers visit before dropping you a line.

Per-Number Call Volume

Compare your different phone numbers to see which
ones get the most calls.

Call Duration Reporting

Find data on the average duration your inbound calls and how
quickly they’re answered.

Missed Call Tracking

Easily track the number of unanswered calls and view
them by day or week.

Call insights

Get monthly data insights that reveal the patterns behind how your teams handles your calls.

Get hands-on with your inbound phone leads
with Analytix’s tools.

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Detailed reports & insights

phone call web source

Get comprehensive, actionable data on how to optimise your inbound calls.

Call recording & smart tags

call recording and smart tagging

Record calls for quality assurance and get AI smart-tagged transcripts.

call log call recording call recording call recording call recording call recording
web journey tracking

SMS & outbound calls

web journey tracking

Send out SMS blasts and advisories or reach out & make calls from within the portal.

Missed Call Tracking

missed call tracking

Receive push or text notifications any unanswered call for easy follow up.

missed call tracking missed call tracking missed call tracking
detailed report insight report graph

Dynamic number tracking

detailed report insight

Track all your webpages & ad touchpoints and learn how people find your number, and if they’ve called before.

CRM Platform Integration

CRM platform integration

Connect with Google Analytics and other CRM platforms easily.

Analytix platform integration
google analytics slack zapier bing

Other premium features

analytix web portal

Analytix web portal

Manage your accounts, numbers, and individual calls from any device, and gain access to powerful reports and insights.

number selection

Number selection

Choice of Local, 1300, 1800 and mobile numbers are available.

simple & complex routing

Simple & complex

State, location, time & day, and other routing options are supported.

routing interface

routing interface

Access a user-friendly call flow interface through the web portal.

call whisper

Call whisper

Relay short messages to operators before a call is connected.

voicemail support

Voicemail support

Have incoming voice messages sent to your email.

welcome message

Welcome message

Introduce your business with a custom greeting.

interactive menu (IVR)

Interactive menu

An automated concierge system that
responds to voice or key prompts (i.e. 'Press 1 for reception').

Easy cross-platform integration

Analytix works with what works for you.

Analytix dashboard on devices

Make the most of your data points. Connect it with Google Analytics, or use Zapier to link it with your preferred marketing and CRM ecosystems.

Analytix dashboard on macbook Analytix dashboard on ipad Analytix dashboard on mobile

Analytix works with

zapier slack bing

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