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about connect bundle

The Alltel Connect Bundle: Live answering + 1300 number

The Connect Bundle combines live answering services with a 1300 number, allowing your business to handle customer calls promptly, efficiently and professionally.

By signing up to the Connect Bundle, you save on a complete call handling package that ensures customers will always be able to reach your business when they want to.

Live answering

Have your phone calls answered in your business name by operators based in Australia. Messages are relayed to you immediately via email and SMS

Don’t miss another call

Services are available 24/7, all year round, with no extra charge for weekends or holidays. The service can also be set up for call overflow.

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1300 number

A 1300 number can be dialled for the cost of a local call, from anywhere in Australia. Expand your business reach with an easy-to-remember, easy-to-reach inbound number.

Handle calls your way

Inbound calls to your 1300 number can be redirected to your landline, mobile or VoIP numbers—and to your live answering service.

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A bundled solution to manage calls to your business

Call routing options

Capture all leads by customising how calls are routed to your existing phones and answering service.

Easy account management

Manage your Alltel services through an online user portal. Get data and reports, view billing information and adjust your service details all in one place.

Flexibility across premises

Keep the same business number even if you move or relocate offices, or use it for multiple offices simultaneously.

Scale as your business grows

Customising your service is easy. You can add or remove features or change your plan from month to month, with no charge for making adjustments.

Call answering services tailored to your business needs

Enhanced live answering options

Customise your operators’ responses with custom scripts and additional questions, or set up answering services for specific teams or individuals.

Virtual concierge services

Concierge services answer calls and transfer them to you if you’re available, or take messages if you’re not.

Custom inbound number features

Upgrade your inbound number with advanced call routing functions or additional features, such as IVR menus and call recording among others.

Combine a live answering and 1300 number plan
and save $30 on setup.*

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