Connecting your Smartnumber

Alltel is one of Australia’s leading Smartnumber carriers

Smartnumbers are phone numbers that spell words or contain a pattern that makes them easy to remember, for example 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835).

These numbers provide benefits to businesses, which include more memorable contact telephone numbers, encourage calls because of the low call costs, and provide access to built-in reporting to help measure the success of marketing campaigns and automatic routing of inbound call traffic and built-in reporting to help measure the success of marketing campaigns. Automatic routing allows national businesses to direct calls on a regional basis.

Many Australian businesses choose to have their smartnumbers carried by Alltel because of our wide range of telecommunications products, competitive prices and great customer service. But don’t just take our word for that, see what our customers say about us.

How to get a Smartnumber

The rights of use for Smartnumbers® are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Each number costs anywhere from $250 and up, depending on its memorability.

We strongly recommend purchasing the rights of use to your Smartnumber®. This allows you to keep the same business number for as long as you need.

Alltel has a pool of Smartnumbers® that you may purchase from our online Shop in four easy steps:

  • Use our Smartnumber search tool to check the availability of your preferred number.
  • If the number is available for immediate purchase, click Add to Cart. Proceed with selecting an inbound number plan and your preferred add-ons before submitting your order.
  • For numbers that must be purchased from ACMA, select your preferred method of contact, and one of our specialists will be in touch to assist you with your purchase.
  • Once you have secured your number, activate it with Alltel by selecting from our 13, 1300, and 1800 number plans.

How to connect a Smartnumber

Once you’ve successfully acquired your chosen Smartnumber®, you may activate it through the Alltel Shop. We offer a wide range of 13, 1300, and 1800 number plans that you can choose from. Once your order is received, our B2B specialists will get your Smartnumber® up and running in no time.

Take note that your Smartnumber® must be activated for the first time within three years of allocation. Failing to activate or staying inactive for a period of three years will automatically forfeit your rights of use to the number.

*Smartnumbers® is a registered trademark, held by the Commonwealth for the benefit of the ACMA.