Consumers to benefit from reduced costs of mobile calls to 1800/13/1300 Numbers

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

In a move that is set to benefit mobile consumers, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) this week announced a new framework for call charges from mobile phones to 1800, 13, and 1300 numbers.

Mobile carriers will begin rolling out new ’13-friendly’ plans. For customers who sign up to one of these new plans, they will enjoy two key benefits:

  1. All calls to 1800 numbers from mobile phones will be free of charge: The calls will be free for pre-paid mobile customers, even when they run out of credit but only until their service expires.
  2. New ‘13-Friendly’ mobile plans: Calls to 13 and 1300 numbers to be charged against a plan’s included-value allowance, rather than billed separately.

These plans will be available across all price points, so that every consumer can benefit from them.

An awareness campaign will be launched to alert consumers to consider whether a '13-friendly' plan is appropriate for them.

According to ACMA Chairmain, Chris Chapman, ‘Individual mobile operators are finalising the arrangements to give effect to these initiatives and we look forward to all mobile customers realising the benefits of this approach in the near future.’

With mobile phone calls comprising up to 30% of calls into Alltel services, Alltel’s General Manager, Trent Brinsley, says

The news is an exciting development for both the industry and consumers.

Keep your eye on this space, as we continue to provide regular updates on the launch of these developments.

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