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More than just your typical telco, Alltel provides whole of business solutions including an extensive range of business process outsourcing (BPO) and customer support services to help your business thrive amid changing priorities and goals. With a strong focus on delivering the best customer experiences to your end customer, our outsourced support solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business, providing a great alternative to in-house resourcing, much-needed support during staff shortages, or an after-hours extension of your team.

Our dedicated outsource support team delivers inbound and outbound contact centre solutions for short-term campaigns, or long-term ongoing engagements. Here for you 24/7, you can always count on us to represent your brand professionally and handle your customer touchpoints efficiently and effectively. Our inbound call management solutions include basic phone answering or message taking services, to more complex remote receptionist service where we assist your caller, schedule appointments, and transfer calls to your relevant departments – just like your in-house receptionist team. Let Alltel’s experienced outbound team provide your business with a great sales support alternative, from lead generation capability to lead nurture, customer satisfaction surveys, and appointment setting.

How we can help:

Customer Support

Customer Support Services

When it comes to great customer support, we know how important it is to have a reliable frontline team that is always available, ready to respond, and engage effectively.

Our contact centre solutions can provide the necessary support to help you operate more efficiently and productively. Let our experienced customer service team help you manage your inbound customer care enquiries either over the phone or provide live chat support.

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Receptionist Services

Receptionist Services

As an alternative to an in-house receptionist, our remote receptionist team can help you with front-of-house tasks such as answering and transferring calls to relevant departments, setting appointments, and managing your bookings.

We’re available 24/7 so you can have peace of mind that your callers are always attended to. We provide full front desk support or work as an overflow when your staff are busy.

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Outbound and Telemarketing

Outbound & Telemarketing

Do you have a database of leads but inadequate resources to nurture them? Let us help you convert.

Our outbound team of sales consultants and customer service agents are highly trained to assist with assignments for customer acquisition, cross sell campaigns, loyalty and retention initiatives, lead generation and prospecting, and outbound win-back programs.

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Engage more customers and leads with our contact centre solutions.

Contact Centre & Outsourced Support explained

Meaningful customer interactions for every touchpoint

Customer Support Services

Customer Support

Outsourced Customer Service

Delivering exceptional customer service is crucial for the success of your business. However, we understand that it can be challenging to maintain the same quality of service when your team is under-resourced or has changing priorities. Our dedicated customer service team offers an outsourced solution to your business, ensuring that your end customers receive top-notch service every time they interact with your brand. Let us help you maintain positive interactions with your customers at every turn and be a helpful extension of your frontline team.

Helpdesk and IT Support

Smoothly running technology makes for superior customer experience. But when the inevitable tech hiccup arises, you need a reliable helpdesk and IT support team to manage your end customer’ queries. We can help minimise your tech headaches by providing helpdesk support that is available round-the-clock and easy to follow. As your technical support partner, we can provide your customers with Level 1 support - from simple everyday troubleshooting to helping triage more complex issues for resolution. Our helpdesk and IT support services are available to assist your customers 24/7.

Live Chat Support

With an increasing number of customers interacting with your business online, prompt and hassle-free online chat support is paramount. Alltel can provide a team of experienced customer support agents to assist with your online chats and customer queries. We value your need to have a speedy and reliable support team. Our livechat support can connect your business with multiple customers in real-time, provide personalised assistance for each one, and respond with immediate solutions to their enquiries. We can help you keep your customers coming back with this prompt, convenient, and efficient service. Make every interaction count with our live chat support services catered to suit the needs of your business.

Round-the-clock service with first class reception

Receptionist Services

Receptionist Services

Appointment Scheduling and Booking Services

Did you know you can outsource key components of your in-house sales and support services? Our remote receptionist services can assist with front desk tasks such answering and transferring calls to your business. We can also help you manage your bookings and reservations, make real-time amendments to your scheduled appointments, or send reminders for upcoming dates. We can integrate your existing booking system seamlessly or train our team in your CRM. By delegating your receptionist tasks and booking management to an experienced Alltel team, you can ensure no opportunity is missed and your time is optimised.

After-hours or Short-term Support

Your business can experience powerful contingency solutions when you let us manage your call overflows and after-hours support. Our receptionist services can serve as a reliable alternative to fill in for your temporary staffing concerns. We can also offer you more flexibility if you need help with calls during peak hours, or if you need to take calls outside of your usual business hours. Whatever your situation may be, our receptionist services will have you covered. Our team of remote receptionists can be relied upon to handle high volumes of calls at any time of the day without sacrificing quality.

Receptionist Services

Transform conversations into conversions

Outbound & Telemarketing

Outbound and telemarketing

Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Telemarketing or telesales is a form of direct selling to generate leads or interest in a product or service you are offering. There is nothing more impactful than having a direct and meaningful conversation with the right target audience. Whether it is a top-of-the-funnel database or a warm lead from an in-market contact, we can help you nurture the lead further down your pipeline.

We work with you to design a campaign that fits your sales or marketing objectives. We deploy motivated and experienced sales agents to help you qualify leads at different stages of your funnel and have meaningful interactions where they matter most.

Customer Satisfaction and Surveys

Customer-focused communications can help your business maintain a positive reputation among your customers. We can help you connect with your customers better by collecting their feedback during outbound calls. With our outbound services, your business can gain valuable insights into your customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points – all while building stronger relationships and boosting engagement.

Provide us with your targeted survey questions and we can personalise our approach to match your brand and focus, driving the desired results for your campaign. Turn your insights into sales opportunities, identify opportunities for innovation, understand emerging trends, and make data-driven improvements to your business.

Outsourced solutions trusted by partners in the industry

Industries We Serve

Our contact centre solutions provide business process outsource and customer support services for both B2B and B2C clients across a range of industries.


Hospitality & Travel

With the end of the pandemic comes the challenges of dealing with the revenge travel season and the seat sale rush. Our contact centre services can offer businesses like yours a much-needed reprieve for when you are inundated with calls or nearing capacity. We take your customers’ calls and respond to their support requests during peak seasons or holidays, so you never have to miss an opportunity.


Health & Aged Care

Our customer support team can assist your residents and their families on a wide range of help topics including admission procedures, facility amenities, and care services. We can also manage your patient consultation schedules, set appointments on your behalf, or coordinate messages and calls from stakeholders such as healthcare providers and family members. We can provide a 24-hour hotline and manage your inbound calls just like your front-of-house team.

Transport and Logistics

Transport & Logistics

“When will the package arrive?” Let us help put your business at ease by handling your customers’ enquiries and support requests. We can also help manage your customers’ expectations by providing answers to enquiries such as delivery updates, tracking shipment status, or supplying relevant information on customs regulations, tariffs, and other shipment-related concerns.

Government Councils

Government, Councils, & Education

Our contact centre and support solutions serve as the bridge between you as a public institution and your citizens. You can outsource your customer support processes to us such as filing of reports or issuance tickets for concerns such waste management, public transportation, public safety, and many others. We can assist your customers with information about your government programs, community events, or with navigation assistance for your websites.

Finance and Insurance

Finance & Insurance

We work with your business to assist with answering basic queries such as policy coverage, policy renewals, premium payments, and claims processing. We can also provide basic technical support for your customers like facilitating their account management requests, account setup, profile verification, or providing basic information like fraud detection tips and prevention. During peak claims periods, we can support your in-house resources with call influxes and triage.

Real Estate
Real Estate & Property Management

Hoping to improve your success rate but don’t know where to begin? Our team of sales professionals can help you convert more leads. We can assist your in-house team’s prospecting funnel by efficiently finding, qualifying, making contact, and then turning those leads over to you. Our customer support team can also schedule appointments for home inspections or act as your remote receptionist to answer and transfer calls as they come in.

Trade Industry

Trade Services & Franchises

You are a master of your trade so leave your customer handling to us. Providing round-the-clock support, we can help you manage calls to your mobile or business number, take bookings for your next job, and arrange your calendar appointments. When you outsource your trade or franchise business support requirements to Alltel, rest assured that your customers will always be attended to at any time of day and never lose a customer to the competition again. Our contact centre team can also help redirect calls from your head office and provide support to individual branches.

IT and consulting

IT & Consulting

With years of experience supporting IT and Consultancy businesses, we are experts in providing the right solutions to help you operate more efficiently. We harness the power of innovative technology and great people to support your IT business, streamline processes, and improve customer interactions. As your reliable business support partner, we can manage inbound calls, triage your help desk requests, and log after-hours issues. We can also support your outbound or sales initiatives with lead generation and nurture programs, make reminder calls, and gather customer feedback on your products or services.

We have the perfect mix of innovative communications technology and great people to become a valuable extension of your business.

IT Support

IT Support Solutions

Our specialist technical team can make a difference when it comes to making your help desk and IT support more efficient. We can manage and log incoming help desk enquiries and triage any complex issues that can then be escalated to your team. With access to 24/7 and after-hours support, you can rest assured that a real person will attend to your customers' needs when they need it most.

We can respond to and resolve a range of different customer queries including:

Triaging incoming support requests

Troubleshooting basic IT queries

Providing answers to frequently asked questions

Providing product or service information

Providing instructions or technical information

Providing Level 1 IT support issues

IT Support
Outbound campaigns
Outbound Campaigns

Outbound Campaigns

Outbound campaigns are a great way to generate new business opportunities or nurture leads further down the sales funnel. By outsourcing your outbound assignments to Alltel, we can lend an extra set of expertise and personnel to help you reach your sales objectives. Our work is focused on having meaningful conversations and improving conversions rather than just dialing numbers.

By targeting potential customers and determining the prospecting, we can help you identify sales opportunities worth pursuing by your expert in-house team.

We offer a range of outbound services that can deliver outcomes for your business more efficiently and effectively:

Contacting prospects from your existing database

Pursuing cold leads or lost opportunities for win-back

Cold calling a list of prospects you acquired

Arranging appointments for a call back or an event

Promoting a new product or service you have launched

Contacting customers to update their details

Short-term Support Customer

Short-term Customer Support

Customers may reach out to your business at any time, but unexpected situations may easily disrupt your workflow. A quality and reliable outsourced customer support partner can give you the assurance that your customers will always come first. Whether you are experiencing a sudden influx of customer enquiries, a staff member’s absence, or just need some time off temporarily to prioritise other goals, our short-term customer support outsourcing can help keep your business running as usual.

Short-term or ongoing customer support lets you take control and provides a seamless extension of your business, helping you mitigate customer dissatisfaction or frustration amid changing situations. We are here for you during:

Temporary shutdowns

Seasonal peaks

One-off events or promotions

Emergency situations

Staff absences or ongoing staff shortages

Overflow and after-hours support

With 24/7 customer support solutions that provide short-term flexibility and peace of mind, you can trust Alltel as your business support partner when you need us the most.

Short Term Support

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