Credibility and convenience: Why a 1300 number outshines using your mobile for business

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson
Benefits of a 1300 number: Owner of a small business happily takes a customer’s call.

Are you a small business owner looking to better manage your business calls? Here’s a solution that does not involve draining your pockets nor any complicated setup. It’s simple – start by switching from a personal mobile number to a 1300 number for your business.

Why a 1300 number in particular? There are other types of business inbound numbers or virtual phone numbers in Australia like a 13 or even an 1800 number. But unlike those two, the cost of each call to a 1300 number is shared between the caller and the company. This makes it a popular choice especially for growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In other words, it’s the sweet spot between credibility, convenience, and cost!

Ready to invest in a business 1300 number of your own? Here are 3 benefits to guide you through your next business move.

A 1300 number boosts your business credibility.

When callers dial your number for the first time, they want to be assured they are reaching out to a legitimate business. Something your personal number may not readily guarantee. You would fare better with a 1300 number.

An advantage to a 1300 number is it boosts your business credibility. It’s also more memorable, helps establish your national presence, and customers feel a greater sense of confidence in contacting them as even global companies rely on them. This enhances your competitive positioning.

These first impressions matter, especially if you want to attract more new customers or expand your business reach. Getting a 1300 number is a great first step to present a more professional image to the world.

A 1300 number helps you maintain work-life balance.

Once you make your personal number available to the public, you are blurring the lines to your personal information and your personal time. Boundaries are loosened, and customers may think you are on-call 24/7.

A constant barrage of business calls will not only add stress but bring more chaos rather than order to your business. By switching to a 1300 number, you can tap into the benefits of call routing to manage your busy days. This way, you can redirect incoming calls to another team member, a live answering service, or straight to voicemail for after-hours or on weekends.

What if you want to be better prepared before taking a customer's call? That’s what call whisper is for. With an ordinary mobile number, it’s difficult to know in advance whether a call is from a potential customer or a family relation. To avoid mix-ups and missed opportunities, you can add a call whisper feature to your 1300 number to screen incoming calls, get a heads up about the nature of the call, then adjust your tone and greeting to handle the call accordingly.

Above all, a 1300 number makes it possible to grow your business without sacrificing your personal boundaries. Consider it your ticket to a healthy work-life balance.

A 1300 number is a convenient way to control your business calls.

Some small business owners try to find balance by purchasing a separate mobile for their business. But an extra device means extra setup and cost; and many don’t realise that getting a 1300 number to handle their business calls is a much more cost-effective option. Did you know you can get your own 1300 number from just $10 a month?

What makes a 1300 number such an affordable long-term investment is that it’s packed with powerful call management features. Want to prioritise customer calls amid high call volumes? Route them to available answer points or set up an IVR menu. Want to gain marketing insights from your business calls? Call reporting is a useful built-in feature. Want to share information at the start of every call? Easily customise your own business intro. The best part is it lets you do all these using one device! A convenient way to control your business calls the way you want to.

And that’s the magic of a business inbound number. It levels the playing field for organisations of any size. Whether you own an SME or part of a big industry player, a 1300 number is a great asset that lets you handle your business communications more efficiently and professionally.

Take the next step with a 1300 number.

To wrap things up, all businesses must start from somewhere. This is why it’s common for many local startups or “solopreneurs” to hit the ground running with a personal mobile number. At some point though, SMEs will have to scale up. A great way to usher in these changes and take your business to new heights is by upgrading to a 1300 number. Among the many perks of a 1300 number are: an instant boost to your credibility, increased national presence, better work-life balance, and the convenience of multiple call management features.

These are must-haves fit for a booming business, without hurting your bottom line. So, if you want a business asset that is both strategic and gets you every bang for your buck, a 1300 number is the way to go.

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