Fax to email rules! 4 reasons to switch to an online fax service

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

Our idea of workspaces continues to expand thanks to smart devices, faster internet access, and a wide array of virtual office services like fax to email services. While the number of business tools are increasing, adapting new technology still comes with some hesitation for entrepreneurs. To ease your doubts about switching to a virtual fax solution, we’ve put together four reasons why you should make the switch.

Do you want to save space and money through fax to email services?

We’ve come to a point where you can say ‘fax’ without following it up with ‘machine’. You can finally say goodbye to that big old clunky machine that consumes a lot of ink and paper. Online faxing lets you send and receive documents over the internet. Switch to online faxing and enjoy added savings by removing the cost of having a dedicated phone line to run the fax over.

Due to open plan designs for offices, people are spending less time at their desks. One of the key challenges is making sure that each space has more than a singular use. Creating multiple functions for each space is easy if your tech is as flexible as you. Thanks to fax to email services, you can free up valuable desk space.

Can internet fax help you be more responsive to customers?

Definitely! One of the biggest benefits of internet fax service is having the flexibility to be extra responsive. If a faxed document needs urgent action, you can work on it immediately whenever or wherever you are. This is the kind of quick and personalised customer service that will set your business apart from your competition.

Maximise your idle time while on a flight or during your commute by reviewing faxes without having to physically bring copies of the documents. Remember that by making you more productive, virtual office services make it easier for you to keep your customers happier.

How can you work smarter with online fax?

How many times a day does an incoming fax interrupt you from your task? A small distraction like this affects your work more than you think. In fact, studies show that it takes a little over 23 minutes to get your concentration back after a distraction from work. Together with other things that take you away from work, it all adds up to a lot of wasted time in just a day.

A virtual fax solution sends incoming documents as a pdf attachment to your email so you can stay at your desk and continue with work while waiting. No need to wait by the machine for important messages to come in.

How does internet fax promote business continuity?

Going paperless ensures that your office can go with you anywhere. Keep your business running despite natural disasters and emergencies with the help of virtual office services. A fax to email service makes remote work possible for startups and small businesses. Online fax is a time saver and productivity booster for you and your staff.

Delegating tasks is easier since you can retrieve and archive all faxed messages from one central email. With internet fax, you don’t need to get a fax number for each location. By having everything online, exchanging information is quicker and more convenient.

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