Fax2Email: The modern alternative to the fax machine

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

They ruled supreme in the 1960s and 70s, but these days, businesses tend to use fax machines less and less. They still come in useful at times, like when you need someone to send you a signed document. But the rest of the time they just take up office space, need their own landline, and use up your paper, toner and electricity (and sometimes, your patience).

Fax machines are so 20th century. What the modern office needs is a 21st century solution that allows you to send and receive faxes without the need for the physical machine and its associated running and maintenance costs. That's what Fax to Email (Fax2Email) services are all about.

How does Fax2Email work?

When you replace your physical fax machine with a "virtual" Fax2Email service, you can receive and send faxes using your computer or smartphone from anywhere that you have email access. Your customers still send faxes to you in the usual way. After that though, everything changes!

The fax is received at your virtual fax provider's server, which immediately converts it to digital format (e.g. PDF or TIFF), and then sends it to you as an email attachment. To read the fax, you simply open the attachment.

Sending a fax is just as easy. With Email2Fax (Email to Fax) you send the document you want faxed as an email attachment to your virtual fax provider's server, together with the fax number to which you want it delivered. (Most virtual fax providers can accept multiple document formats including Word, Excel, PDF and JPEG.) You'll receive a confirmation email once the fax has been successfully sent.

Fax2Email and Email2Fax services provide many benefits:

  • Economical Eliminate the cost of a fax machine, dedicated fax landline, electricity, paper, toner, and on-going maintenance.
  • Mobile Send and receive faxes from anywhere that you have email access (including using a smartphone).
  • Paperless Be friendly to the environment by printing only the faxes (or pages) you require.
  • Secure Faxes are sent directly to your email account with no worries about confidential faxes being left sitting in the fax machine for anyone to see.
  • Efficient Faxes are easier to store, forward and manage when they're in digital format.

Alltel's Fax2Email plans start at just $19 a month, which is a fraction of the cost of running a physical fax machine. The monthly fax line rental alone is typically double that (or more), before you start to factor in any other costs.

So is it time to ditch the fax machine? We say "Yes! It's time to start saving money and enjoying the flexibility and convenience of a Fax2Email service."

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