Business internet services on cutting-edge network technology.

Light-speed business fibre internet with Alltel fibre 400.

An ultra-fast fibre broadband service built for heavy use.

Apart from delivering your products and services, a vital part of growing a business is investing in future-proof technology that will keep you competitive and in the game. Time is money, and with today’s fast-paced world, having a slow business internet connection is much like sending away paying customers.

Other than speed, Australian businesses need to consider what type of internet service stands up to our vast geography and varied weather conditions. Alltel Fibre 400 is an enterprise-grade fibre internet service that uses fibre optic technology to deliver up to 400 Mbps speeds and higher availability rates.

What is fibre internet?

Fibre business internet is a type of connection that transmits data as light signals through materials such as glass or plastic. Compared to copper or cable, this technology transmits a larger amount of data over long distances, in a shorter period of time. This makes it ideal for data-heavy activities such as transferring large files and supporting web applications. It's considered the future of connectivity, and several countries across the globe have started making fibre the standard for business internet.

The biggest roadblock to adapting fibre among businesses is the prohibitive cost of construction of new connections. Thankfully, provisioning your fibre service doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Over a thousand buildings in Australian CBDs have fibre facilities installed and tied back to networks of internet service providers. Alltel Fibre 400 uses existing infrastructure, significantly lowering the cost of fibre internet for businesses like yours.

Why do I need business fibre internet?

Business fibre requires less cables, repeaters, power, and maintenance. Though considerably lighter, fibre is up to 10x more durable than copper cables. It's also less prone to disruption and extreme weather conditions. With minimal noise and signal disruption, it's perfect for businesses where speed and reliability are critical for day to day operations.

Alltel Fibre 400 is an enterprise grade fibre connection that supports massive usage requirements at an affordable cost. This symmetrical internet service delivers uncapped data, which means you get unlimited uploads and downloads at the same speeds of up to 400 Mbps. This way, businesses can boost productivity with high bandwidth tools and applications that run on a cutting-edge network.

A business fibre internet service with no restrictions

If the NBN hasn’t been rolled out in your area and you’re looking for a powerful alternative to ADSL, Alltel Fibre 400 is the best fit for your business. This business internet service is currently available in 1,000 buildings across Australian CBDs and growing.

More great features.

No data caps

No need to worry about shaped speeds and overage charges. Your business fibre broadband comes with uncapped uploads and downloads.

Responsive customer support

No waiting in queue with thousands of residential users. Get immediate access to our fast and friendly customer support team for any concerns.

Flexible terms

Our fibre internet plans are offered in 24 and 36 month contract terms. Options for free or discounted installation are available.

Superior speeds on a budget

By making the fibre facility available to multiple tenants in a building, the initial construction cost becomes divided into many parts, giving you access to lower rates.

Business continuity

Fibre for business is less susceptible to common causes of signal disruptions such as temperature fluctuations, water damage, and electromagnetic radiation.

Easy maintenance

As a future-proof technology, fibre optics require little to no maintenance.

Agile connectivity that gives you the speed to react, grow and expand.