Five valuable business benefits of Unified Communications

Pia Rios
Pia Rios

Unified communications is an all-in-one system that integrates video and voice calls, voicemail, conferencing, emails, faxes, instant messaging, file sharing, and more. It’s a cloud-hosted phone system that offers a seamless communication channel between a company’s onsite and remote employees. In addition to seamless communication and collaboration, here are the benefits of unified communications.

1. Cost reduction

With all communication avenues consolidated into a single system, there’s a massive reduction in operating costs. Finances used for separate hardware and software applications are avoided with unified comms. More importantly, with video conferencing on unified comms, it dramatically reduces costs that are associated with external and internal meetings or conference calls. Employee downtime and travel costs are lessened.

2. Boost in productivity

Creating and sending emails alone is time-consuming. Rather than pen a lengthy email, unified comms allows employees to quickly send messages between one another. If information needs to be clarified at once, then employees can easily switch over to video chat. Unified communications system makes it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate with colleagues as needed. This, in turn, boosts employee productivity.

3. Top-notch customer service

Customers always expect the best service even if it’s over a phone call. So, if a customer calls your business only to get ignored or transferred to the wrong department, then it will likely lead to a negative review of your company. Avoid that with the help of unified comms. It comes with routing features that transfer calls to a specific employee or department.

4. Powerful calling features

As a cloud-hosted phone system, unified comms come with powerful features. These include customisable greetings, a single phone number for all accounts using the phone system, voice mail accounts, call logs, and call routing. Other upgrades include IVR or an auto-attendant, a hold message, and more.

5. Virtual capabilities

Unified comms works on any device, whether it’s a desk phone, mobile, or tablet. As long as the device is connected to the internet, you can log in from anywhere and access call logs, reports, chat, or voice call customers or your employees when needed. It makes remote work possible and easy.

Alltel Unified Communications: The smart choice for businesses

When compared to traditional phone systems, business phone systems like unified communications offer a lot of benefits. Other than combining all channels of communication into one, you get additional features and functionality that will ensure excellent customer service and efficient employee collaboration. Tap into the benefits of unified communications when you contact us today at 1300 255 835. Learn more about Alltel’s range of business phone systems at

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