Problem Solving with Alltel: The Gaffneys Story

Problem Solving with Alltel: The Gaffneys Story

Gaffney’s had very specific business needs. They required constant contact with their clients. Tedious schedules, deliveries, and planning—all these required timely exchange of information. Collaboration among their team and clients was also vital to the success of their work.

As a startup grows, there should be time to slow down and ask the right questions. But more than that, it is an opportunity to consult experts before spending your limited funds. Instead of just a short term fix, you should make room for expansion and project future needs. Go with services that grow with you. Go for scalability so you can adjust your service based on your current needs and cash flow.

With these in mind, it was clear that what Gaffneys needed was a reliable phonesystem that allowed them to be available 24/7 for their clients. They were also expanding, with work spanning across all venues in Australia. More standard lines just won’t deliver the kind of functionality they need. They also wanted to increase their lines on a small budget.

At Alltel, we saw this as the best time to review their existing services. The first thing we did was walk through the process of getting a better internet service by switching to Unlimited Internet via Ethernet. This let them use existing infrastructure to get faster speeds while beating the limitations of ADSL.

As a dedicated service, there is no need to work around peak hours. This boostswork efficiency and productivity. They were even able to use their internet at two sites with no addedfees when they relocated.

The move to EFM also paved the way for switching to a hosted phone system. Unlike broadband, having the same upload and download speeds provides the stability that hosted services need. This eliminated the need for the fuss and cost of installing additional lead cables while adding needed lines and big system features.

In more ways than one, Alltel also works with the same objectives that Gaffneysworks by– delivering services as advertised, on time, and at the highest quality whilst staying on budget. So, if you want to expand your business but need expert advise on business telco services, give us a call at 1300 ALLTEL or visit us at so we can craft a solution that will work best for you.

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About Gaffneys

For 15 years, Gaffneys has built a business out of solving problems. As a leader in service delivery, they work on logistics, freight forwarding, project management and consulting. They take out the stress in planning exhibits, outdoor events, or corporate roadshows. But there was one problem they needed help with that required the help of business communication specialists—expansion.