How to gain more customers with Local Connect numbers

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Being a small business has its own set of challenges and advantages. As your business grows, you may find yourself reevaluating how to expand your market and what tools you would need. Thankfully, technology has levelled the playing field for businesses of all sizes. So what can you do if you’re not big enough to put up multiple branches across the country but want to cater to a larger market? The simple but effective solution is getting a Local Connect number.

What are Local Connect Numbers?

Simply put, Alltel Local Connect Numbers allow businesses to have a local phone number in any major Australian city no matter where their office is located. As virtual numbers, your 02, 03, or 07 numbers are automatically forwarded to your business phones which means you can advertise multiple numbers and answer all calls on one phone. Isn’t that convenient? Here are other benefits from using a local number for your business.

Work big, stay small

The appeal of small businesses is their personalised and exceptional service. You can reach customers outside your local area while staying true to the kind of customer service you provide to your local clients. Customers feel like the people behind local businesses know who they are, what they want, and think of their customers as people-- not just another sale.

Manage your calls better

With a virtual local phone number, you can route calls to a second number if the first one is busy or when it goes unanswered. Advertise one number for each area and answer calls on your mobile or landline phone number. You can even ring as much as 12 phones at once so you never miss any calls.

So much better than just a mobile or landline

Local Connect Numbers are feature rich business numbers. Receive an email every time a customer leaves a voicemail with a Voice2Email service. If the caller hangs up without leaving a message, you can get missed call notifications via email with the date and time of call, and the caller’s number & location. This way, no sales lead ever grows cold. See details about callers while they’re still on the phone through real-time call records. You can also see when a caller is calling your local connect number instead of your answerpoint through a Caller ID override. These features help you track the success of your marketing campaigns easily.

Scale up or down with ease

Being small lets you adapt to situations in a swift and efficient way. The same applies to your Local Connect Numbers. Add new ones when launching a new campaign and remove them when you don’t need them anymore. Since there are no physical lines to set up, scaling up or down is that easy. Big companies spend huge amounts in the attempt to recreate the same level of personal engagement small businesses have with their clients. With just a local phone number, you can achieve the best of both worlds and provide a personal touch that customers not only love, but will gladly share with others. To learn more about Local Connect Numbers, call us up at 1 300 ALLTEL or visit us at

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