The gains of high-speed broadband for startups

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

New technology has made daily life so convenient that any change to our pace breeds frustration. In the same way, slow internet speeds keep us on edge. This applies to all of us, but none more so than business owners. Early on, they must realise that a residential connection simply won’t cut it.

The tradeoff between small savings at the expense of much needed capabilities isn’t a risk worth taking. This may be the one thing that compromises the success of your venture. In fact, there are more gains to be had from investing in a business broadband connection than losses. Let’s have a look at the reasons you should invest in one.

No on and off peak hours

Productivity suffers from having to work around the on/off peak hours of a home DSL. The reason behind sluggish connections is that they are shared between multiple subscribers. With too many people on each network, speeds are often unreliable and fluctuate through the day.

Businesses don’t have the luxury of waiting for odd hours in the day to do high bandwidth activities. A dedicated business broadband guarantees reliable speeds, any time of the day. You never have to worry about sharing with residential users.

Better upload capability

Computers and mobile devices with large storage make it easy to create all types of content to share. However, low bandwidth gets in the way of simple yet vital staff tasks such as sharing files, and multimedia uploads to the web. Any SME that hosts their own website requires high upload speeds to be able to share their content.

In this aspect, business ADSL wins hands down over home DSL. The best part—Alltel offers unlimited data. This means no more shaped speeds and data top-ups when you exceed your data allowance. That’s extra savings for you while getting business class service.

Moving to the cloud

Unlike at home, business connections aren’t only used for browsing and emailing. High speed internet is commonly used to simplify and upgrade office systems. VoIP phone systems have become a popular choice among startups because they are both portable and scalable.

However, these will only work with a reliable and stable connection. These tools are crucial to boost efficiency through features such as online conferencing and screen sharing.

Enjoy business-class support

Everyone dreads calling tech support lines for internet providers, but imagine being on queue with the rest of residential accounts. You simply cannot afford to have low speeds or be offline at any time of the day.

Every entrepreneur needs a provider that understands that downtimes means lost customers and money. Alltel, not only understands this, but provides top notch business communication technology that will keep you a cut above the rest. To learn more, call us today at 1300 ALLTEL or visit us at ALLTEL.

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