How to get 75% more business with an after hours answering service

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
How to Get 75% More Business with an After Hours Answering Service

When your business relies on being available to customers after hours, it's hard to take time out for the important things in life—like dinner with friends or family, or just recuperating after a busy day's work. For tradies, medical professionals, mortgage brokers and real estate agents running a small business, that ringing phone is something you can rarely ignore—it represents concrete leads that are important to your business' bottom line.

Letting your phone go to voicemail is not an option. According to research by Fortune Magazine in 2006, 80% of callers who get your voicemail will hang up without leaving a message. And that means they're probably calling your competitors. But being on call 24/7 can wreak havoc on your productivity—to run your business successfully you also need down time to regroup, have a life or focus on getting actual work done.

I'm going to let you in on the one foolproof secret to maintaining your sanity while getting more leads and happier repeat customers! It's simple. Invest in a professional after hours answering service today.

Why it Works

In this crazy world of instant gratification, where the web has trained us to expect immediate answers to our questions and everyone is just a text message away, your customers expect more. They want you to respond to them fast. And if you don't, it's really easy for them to find a similar business online.

Yet, for as little as $29 per month, you can ensure potential customers choose you over your competition every time and take time out to do what you need to, when you need to. $29 per month to capture more leads every day? That just makes great business sense.

Our Australian-based after hours answering service can boost leads by 75%. People are wired to respond more positively to a human voice at the end of the phone rather than a voicemail system. For instance, check out these statistics from ABC Advertising via the New York Times (2008). When responding to TV, Radio or Print Advertising, out of 10,000 customers surveyed:
  • 68% said they were unlikely to leave their name and telephone number on an answering machine.
  • 11% were unsure whether they'd bother leaving their details if met with an answering machine.

So the message is clear. If you're regularly sending potential leads to voicemail, you're risking losing almost 80% of them to your competitors. But, if they feel a real representative of your company is taking their enquiry at the end of the phone, customers are far more likely to leave their details so you can call back at a time that better suits your schedule. And that means you can have a life and do more business! Browse our after hours answering service options here.

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