Going green: The benefits of Fax2Email

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Going Green: The Benefits of Fax2Email

As emphasis on preserving our environment has gone up over the past years, businesses deciding to go green has in fact become more than a passing trend. Businesses now embrace ways on how to ‘green’ themselves. More and more governments are pushing for more 'green' businesses and rewarding them. As a business owner, one such way you can help reduce your carbon footprint is going the “paperless fax” route or what we’d like to call the Fax2Email way.

Now some of you may be doubtful if this has any impact, think about this – approximately 10,000 sheets of paper are used by the average office worker. And with prices for standard copy paper at $40 per case, the amount could easily add up. What do you actually do with all those faxed documents after you’re done with them? Do you recycle or find ways to reuse them? If so, then that’s good. But wouldn’t it be better if you can avoid using as much paper as you do right from the get go? Fax2Email is your answer!

If you’re still using a traditional fax machine, here are some good reasons to make the switch to Fax2email now: Fax2Email is…

Efficient and Inexpensive

Are you still paying rental for 2 faxes a month? Now you don’t have to! With Fax2Email, you get the combined benefits of email and fax in one service. Your documents are also easy to store, forward, share and file when they're in digital format. Because you can choose which documents to print, you actually save paper, ink, toner, electrical costs – you actually save money!

Portable and Convenient

Is your old fax machine taking up too much space? With Fax2Email, no need for those hulking fax machines. And if you or your employees always have to be out meeting clients, you no longer have to wait around the office for a fax to arrive. You can get all your important documents anywhere you have email access –smartphones included- great for business people who are always on the go. You get to respond to urgent matters faster.

Safe and Secure

Are you still worried that vital company information may get into the wrong hands? With Fax2Email, you can keep prying eyes away from important documents. Faxes are directly sent to your email account and not sitting on a fax machine for anyone to see. Not only is Fax2Email a great green initiative - it’s a practical one too!

So if you need your business to be cost efficient, to grow as you grow, to move as you move - Take a step in the right direction. Get in touch with us here at Alltel to get the best Fax2Email solutions for your business today!

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