How to read your bill

Understanding your bill.

For more information on our billing process, please view our Billing Guide PDF here.

1. Alltel contact details

2. Your bill details

Invoice number, issue date, direct
debit date and account number.

3. Your bill summary

Your last bill amount
and details of your last payment.
Plus new charges on the
current bill.

4. Your bill

Your current amount due
and payment due date.

5. Your recent charges

Displays your bill charges for
this month and any previous months.

6. Online access details

Manage all your services online,
make payments and access details
by logging into your customer

7. Breakdown of service charges

Details of your service charges
and usage. For more details
including call records, log on to
your customer portal.

8. Methods of payment

Your Alltel account is set up
for automatic direct debit.
You can make changes or pay
your account by accessing your
customer portal or BPay.