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When we spoke to healthcare workers, we discovered that there are effective solutions to the most frequent stumbling blocks you encounter throughout your working day.

Do you have an after-hours emergency number in place?

More than any industry, high availability is a must for the medical and social services. When the lives and well-being of your patients are on the line, it’s necessary to have an after-hours solution in place so that patients who need urgent care can immediately get it.

How do you keep the human touch while dealing with patients?

What people need the most during crises and emergencies is a warm and supportive voice at the other end of the line. Sending people to voicemail, especially during emergencies does not help in making them feel at ease with you as their health worker.

Are you often overwhelmed by the amount of walk-in patients to your practice?

Direct lines to medical professionals have proven to be an effective tool reduction in clinic and home visits. Reduce long wait hours by addressing the concerns of those who really don’t need medical attention or only require advise over the phone.

How do you balance the demands of your work and your personal life?

While your job entails ensuring the health of others, it’s common for people in your profession to neglect their own well-being. It’s important to have ways to detach yourself from work, while remaining easy to contact when necessary.

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