Fuel growth with tailored business communication solutions designed for Hospitality & Tourism Businesses.

The corner café, the local bistro, the travel agent, the eco-tour operator … you all have common struggles. Here are some common challenges of being in the hospitality and tourism industry, and the solutions our customers tell us help them most.

Are first impressions a critical part of your day-to-day operations?

Being in the business of delighting customers means putting your best foot forward at all times. This experience should begin even before they step in the door. Your challenge is to make a lasting impression that will represent the kind of service you want to be known for.

Is your front office a disorganised mess?

Handling reservations, filing payments, taking down messages—much of your business relies on paperwork. When you double book a room or misplace an important message, you’re sure to incite the wrath of your customers. While these may seem like rookie mistakes, these happen more than you’d like to.

Are you finding it difficult to cope with your unconventional hours?

When your clientele comes from all parts of the globe or come in droves of hundreds per day, you’re expected to be available at all hours. But despite best efforts, there are instances when you’ll be short-staffed, especially on holidays and peak seasons. You need to have a back-up plan in place so customers are never left hanging.

Do you have a hard time coordinating between departments and suppliers?

Events can be a pain to plan. But with so much riding on your coordination skills, you need a phone system that's built features that will not just keep you connected in the part to office, off-site, or in between meetings.

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