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Calling all sales and commerce experts extraordinaire! It really doesn’t matter what you sell, you’ve more than likely confronted one (or more) of these business challenges.

Are you thinking of ways to expand operations outside your local area?

Business is all about growing out of your comfort zone. But with limited resources, putting up a new store or office in another city may not be possible yet. Still, you should think of ways to introduce your brand to a larger market, even without a physical location in each area you want to do business in.

Do you have a hard time staying on top of things while on the road?

Hitting the road to meet clients and make those sales can keep you away from your office for days or weeks at a time. While mobile devices are helpful, you need to think of ways to make sure that you have access to calls, documents, and messages sent to your office.

Are you looking for ways to decrease response times and increase first call resolutions?

While customer service is important, there are other aspects of your business that needs a fair amount of your attention as well. Referring issues to the right person or department cuts down your response times and ensures that customers are always satisfied before each conversation is ended.

Looking for ways to cut costs and implement a paperless office?

Going green has been proven to be an effective way of helping offices become well organised, increase security, and improve efficiency. Moving things to the cloud and relying on web apps makes things easier for you and your staff to gradually transition doing most of your work online.

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