Fuel growth with tailored business communication solutions designed for Sports and Entertainment businesses.

Every company specialising in sports or entertainment faces similar business challenges.

Do clients have an easy and convenient way to get in touch with you?

In an industry where bookings are everything, opening multiple lines of communication is vital. Having a memorable number and making it simple to deal with your business sets you apart from competition and opens up new opportunities to gain referrals.

How do you cope with constant travelling and long hours?

Going on practice, events, or meetings can mean hopping between cities and video conferencing at odd hours. While each of these require your undivided attention, it’s necessary to remain easy to contact whenever you are needed. Make sure you have access to important messages and documents, so can conduct your business any time.

Do you have the right information to make important business decisions?

Whether you’re advertising a game, a play, or any event, it’s important to know which of your campaigns are making ROI and which are not. By having the information on hand, you can divert resources to the channels which are proving effective, saving you money in the long run.

How do you project a professional business without a physical office?

Not everyone needs a corner office in a major CBD to make it in the sports and entertainment industry. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to present yourself as a credible and trustworthy professional. Exceed expectations by delivering a high level of customer service with tools you can use at home or on the road.

Suggested solutions

Whatever your industry, we offer customised solutions that meet your business needs. Upgrade the way you connect with your customers with our innovative business communication tools.

Reception connect

Have a professional operator who answers calls in your business name, takes your messages & forwards it to you via email or SMS. Alltel Reception Connect is a virtual reception service that handles calls for individuals, provides support for teams, and can even transfer calls to you. Get an office operator for a fraction of the cost.

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Business intro

Make a lasting impression over the phone with your Alltel Business Intro. This service plays a professionally recorded greeting at the start of every call, introducing your business to callers, and ensuring calls are answered the same way every time.

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1300 Number

Widely-recognised as business numbers, your Alltel 1300 number can be called at local rates across Australia. More than giving you a professional image, this virtual number gives you complete flexibility in customising the way you handle calls.

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Get a full-featured, enterprise grade phone system on a small business budget with your Alltel SmarConnect service. This hosted PBX service comes with advanced functionality that impresses customers and lets you handle your business calls efficiently.

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