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Alltel business internet

High-speed internet service
for any sized business.

High-speed internet service for any sized business

Alltel business internet keeps you connected to the global market through a reliable and highly available business network. Take advantage of a high-speed business internet service that meets all your bandwidth requirements. Promote collaboration among your staff and fully utilise hosted applications.

Expect greater connectivity, superior customer support, and faster internet speeds that can keep up with your pace.

High-speed internet service for any sized business

Available internet solutions

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Choose from our range of connectivity options that deliver high bandwidth and speed for
whatever your business requires.



NBN™ is a business internet service that takes advantage of the recently upgraded telecommunications infrastructure. An NBN™ service provides faster, easily accessible, and more reliable internet connections for businesses Australia-wide.


1-20 Employees


12 Mbps download/
Up to 1 Mbps upload

100 Mbps download /
Up to 40 Mbps upload

Ideal for

SMEs in areas where the NBN™ has already been successfully rolled out. This connection works well for businesses with a higher demand for stable and high bandwidth internet services.

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Fibre is a business fibre internet service delivering up to 400 Mbps with unlimited data. Enjoy faster speeds through fibre optics, while eliminating prohibitive construction costs.


5-100 Employees


Up to
400 Mbps download/
Up to 400 Mbps upload

Ideal for

Businesses that require a high-bandwidth connection that supports data-heavy activities such as uploading, downloading, and transferring extra-large files. Also recommended for running web servers and remote desktop solutions.

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fixed wireless

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless in an internet solution that operates through the air and above the network congestion. It works through a roof-mounted antenna that transmits signals via line of sight to a base station to provide you with dedicated internet access, with speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

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5-50 Employees


Up to
1 Gbps download/
Up to 1 Gbps upload

Ideal for

Businesses that need an alternative to the NBN. Fixed wireless runs on a fast, reliable, and secure network that works without the need for underground fibre line installation.

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4G Backup & Mobile Data

4G backup is the most reliable way to protect your network against internet outages. In the instance where your primary link is unavailable, it ensures you remain connected to the internet by switching over to the 4G LTE network. On the other hand, mobile data is an internet service that relies on the 4G network. Plans come with high-value data inclusions and unlimited call and text.

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1-20 Employees


4G speeds are
variable and limited
to 12/1Mpbs

Ideal for

4G back up is for business with unstable network connection or need a reliable internet backup to support day-to-day data heavy activities. Mobile data is for businesses with remote workers who need internet connectivity on the go.

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Frequently asked questions

Got more questions about
our internet services?

What is the difference between residential and business internet services?

Alltel Business Internet services are all designed to handle the daily demands of business use. We offer a range of high-bandwidth and unlimited internet services that can handle data-heavy activities such as transferring large files, video conferencing, and using hosted applications.

Unlike residential internet services, Alltel Business Internet services are delivered on enterprise-grade networks which are less congested. A constant throughput of data is also guaranteed, regardless of peak/off-peak hours.

How can I make my Internet access connection secure?

Security should be a main concern for Internet users. First, ensure your computer and all vital data is stored and is protected from malicious worms and viruses. An anti-virus software installed on your PC should be enough, but it should also be updated regularly. Other than an anti-virus software, install a firewall protection to secure your PC.

Can I upgrade if I need more bandwidth?

Yes. We offer a range of plans that fit your needs. You can always upgrade to a new plan with a better level of speed. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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