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Alltel business internet.

Why every business needs a high-speed internet service.

The internet has forever changed the way we do business. Thanks to the world’s increasing connectivity; businesses are able to break geographic barriers, simplify work, and find new ways to become more efficient. In a period where time is money, any drop in the performance of your internet service results in dollars down the drain.

Alltel Business Internet keeps you connected to the global market through a reliable and highly available business network. Take advantage of a high-speed business internet service that meets all your bandwidth requirements. Promote collaboration among your staff and fully utilise hosted applications. Expect greater connectivity, superior customer support, and faster internet speeds that can keep up with your pace.


What is NBN?

NBN is a business internet service that takes advantage of the recently upgraded telecommunications infrastructure. An NBN service provides faster, easily accessible, and more reliable internet connections for businesses Australia-wide.

Ideal for:

SMEs in areas where the NBN has already been successfully rolled out. This connection works well for businesses with a higher demand for stable and high bandwidth internet services.




From: 12 Mbps download/ Up to 1 Mbps upload
To: 100 Mbps download / Up to 40 Mbps upload

Ethernet broadband

What is Ethernet broadband?

Ethernet broadband is a cost-effective business internet service that delivers symmetrical speeds with unlimited data. Enjoy increased speeds through fibre technology, while minimising costs by utilising existing copper networks.

Ideal for:

Businesses with several employees onsite sharing the same internet connection. Best used for multiple web applications, and hosted PBX phone systems that require a higher availability rate.




Up to 20 Mbps download / Up to 20 Mbps upload

Fibre 400

What is Fibre 400?

Fibre 400 is a business fibre internet service delivering up to 400 Mbps with unlimited data. Enjoy faster speeds through fibre optics, while eliminating prohibitive construction costs.

Ideal for:

Businesses that require a high-bandwidth connection that supports data-heavy activities such as uploading, downloading, and transferring extra large files. Also recommended for running web servers and remote desktop solutions.




Up to 400 Mbps download/ Up to 400 Mbps upload.

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