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complete suite of IT managed services

Complete suite of IT managed services.

Reduce IT costs and improve business productivity and efficiency.

Focus on your core business goals and shift IT maintenance and support to a managed service provider. At Alltel, we’ve partnered with trusted and certified IT specialists to provide you with expert advice and best-in-class service for all things IT.

Take the complexity out of IT management and control costs with an IT managed service provider.


Understanding IT managed solutions.

What are IT managed services?

Managed IT services are an effective method of ensuring that your technology and business goals are aligned. You get a team of skilled experts who deliver the right solutions to suit your business needs.

With managed IT support, your business IT infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It includes proactive management and maintenance of the IT environment, from workstations to network equipment, to mobile devices and servers.

Types of managed services.

Match an IT solution to your business needs.

Networking Networking

Whether wired or wireless, get network cabling solutions that fit the way you work, both for data and voice. All existing hardware, from every server, switch, printer, PC, router, to a backup unit are taken into account before cables are laid out.

Additionally, this service includes the management of network cables so that data sharing, and connectivity is effective between staff. Troubleshooting of network issues, from network disconnections to intermittent timeouts or slowness are also addressed.

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VPS hosting VPS hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a cost-effective type of web hosting optimised for users who want the configuration flexibility of shared hosting - all while having a dedicated amount of resource allocated to their site.

Unlike dedicated hosting, VPS offers more graphical UI control panels which require less technical knowledge in configuring and installing applications. With VPS hosting, you can customise your services, install software, and change server settings according to your needs.

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Office 365 Suite Office 365 Suite

Office 365 suite is an email solution fit for businesses of all sizes. It centralises your emails into a single database where all your authorised devices can access and keep files in a safe and secure space.

With Office 365 suite, your employees can easily create and collaborate in a secure location. It also includes Microsoft office tools, from Word to Excel and PowerPoint, to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

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Storage and backup Storage and backup

Essential to all types of businesses, a reliable backup solution guarantees secure and immediate access to your data virtually anytime, anywhere. With backup as a service, lost data can be recovered completely.

Additionally, you get a reliable and secure storage solution where you can store and access data. Customise your storage according to your performance and capacity needs.

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Cybersecurity Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity service is more than just encryption, antivirus, and firewalls. It involves advanced protection against unforeseeable threats.

Eliminate the threat of cyberattacks with a cybersecurity service built from new generation tools and strategies. Additionally, valuable data for your IT infrastructure, on-site and on the cloud, are safeguarded.

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Why choose alltel.

Dedicated, trusted, and certified managed IT solutions from the experts.

We’ve partnered with trusted and certified specialists in the field of IT managed services, which means you only get the best solutions fit to your business needs – no matter how complex your IT infrastructure.

You get technical support and qualified advice from a team of experts. Rest assured that your network is proactively managed around-the-clock to identify and address issues before they become a problem.

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