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For any business, phone calls are a major source of opportunities. Calls handled right can bring in new business or earn the loyalty of a troubled customer, whether it's a quick exchange or a lengthy conversation over the phone.

However, what do you do when your work keeps you from picking up the phone? This is where a live phone answering service can help.

With a live phone answering service, you get a simple and cost-effective way to get a real person to answer your customers at any time. These include message-taking and concierge services to help you manage calls and answer calls when you're best prepared for it.

Meanwhile, a virtual receptionist can handle basic phone answering and message taking service plus additional tasks over the phone–so you can stay focused on your business goals.

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why get a live answering service

Why get a live answering service?

Focus on your business goals and leave your calls to us.

why get a live answering service

Are phone calls a major source of leads for your business? Do you deal with several clients on the phone every day? Are you and your team unable to answer every call you get? Or are you sacrificing work to answer every phone call?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then you should consider getting a live answering service. With Alltel's live answering service, you can focus on critical work and impending deadlines while our professional Australian-based operators answer all incoming calls in your business name.

It doesn't matter whether the call comes in after-hours, for overflow, the weekends, or a public holiday. We answer the call when you can't, so you'll never lose another customer to voice mail.

Never leave a customer hanging

All your calls answered by a professional operator.

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A professional answering service can take all your calls according to your set requirements. Need it for after-hours calls only? For overflow during the day? Or all day, every day? These are just a few options you can choose.

You can also decide on the response your customers get depending on your service. A professional virtual receptionist can handle basic tasks and queries, while a live answering operator can take messages for you and send them your way so you can respond at your available time.

Whatever way you choose to set it up, your customers can always get a timely answer with our live answering service.

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Available options

Choose between a basic phone answering
or a virtual receptionist service.

Sign up for an answering service suited to your needs. Choose a basic answering service if you need someone to take each caller's message and passed on to you. Alternatively, you can choose a virtual receptionist service if you need someone to handle simple questions and service requests. Find out more below.

Alltel 24/ Phone Answering
Alltel 24/ Phone Answering

A professional live answering service works by redirecting calls from your 1300, 1800 or 13 numbers, landlines, VoIP, or mobile phones to a live operator who answers calls in your business name. Messages are taken and forwarded to you immediately via SMS and email.

Your live answering service can be customised based on your business needs, such as include call transfers, send messages to multiple teams or representatives, and unique scripts. Additionally, you can use the service to answer all your calls or as a back-up for overflow, after-hours, and holiday calls.

Alltel Virtual Receptionist
Alltel Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist service works by redirecting calls from your 1300, 1800, or 13 numbers, landlines, VoIP, or mobile phones to our virtual receptionist centre. When your customers call, one of our live operators' answers in your business name and responds according to your caller's concerns.

With a virtual receptionist service, this can include resolving basic queries and requests. For other tasks that are complex or sensitive, our operators can transfer calls or forward messages to you directly. You can use the service to answer all your calls, or as a back-up for overflow, after-hours, and holiday calls.

Frequently asked questions

All your questions about live
answering service answered.

How much does a live answering service cost?

Phone Answering plans start from as low as $25 per month for 15 calls, while our Virtual Receptionist plans start at just $30 for the pay-as-you-go plans. Visit the Phone Answering and Virtual Receptionist plans & pricing page for more info.

Are my calls answered in Australia?

Yes, all your calls are answered in Australia. Some other answering services ship their calls off-shore outside of normal business hours, whereas Alltel’s virtual reception service answers every call from our Australian-based call centres.

Can I advertise the number provided for my live answering service?

No. The in-dial number provided for your answering service is an internal system number that is subject to change and remains the property of Alltel. Using an inbound number such as a 13, 1300, or 1800 number for your business is recommended.

How does a live answering service work?

A group of trained customer service professionals answer phone calls from clients and customers in your business name. They take detailed messages and relay these messages to you or to your employee.

Can I add additional questions for my callers?

Yes. For the 24/7 Phone Answering plans, You can add up to 5 questions at $5 each monthly.

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