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The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

The telephone is an essential communications tool for businesses: especially for small and growing businesses. It's often the primary method your customers use for keeping in touch with you, so it's important to ensure that you receive every call.

Many small businesses use a live answering service to help with incoming calls. With Alltel 24/7 phone answering services, an Australian-based operator answers calls when you’re not available, and immediately forwards messages to you via SMS, email and web-based portal. This ensures that your customers’ calls are always answered quickly in a professional and friendly manner, and that you never miss an important message.

A basic live answering service, where all messages are forwarded to a single email address and SMS number, is ideally suited to a sole trader. As your business grows, you'll want to expand to a live answering service that is able to support multiple people and departments (who may be in different physical locations).

Introducing additional department add-ons for live answering

Alltel live answering service can be customised for additional departments in a growing business. You can specify whether you want messages to be taken for individuals within your business, or for different departments, or both.

For each employee or department, you provide details including name, areas of responsibility, and contact details (email address and mobile phone number for SMS messages).

When a call comes in, a phone operator greets the caller using your business name and takes a message. The operator then checks your list of employees/departments/areas of responsibility, and immediately forwards the message to the appropriate recipient via email, SMS and web-based portal. This ensures that no-one in your business ever misses an important call.

For no additional charge, you can also have the email messages forwarded to the manager of each employee or department. This can help your managers to keep an eye on the number of calls coming in, coordinate workloads within their departments, and attend to or re-assign calls that come in for employees who are absent.

Adding additional departments is ideal for

  • any business with more than one staff member
  • a sales team, including real estate agents and car dealerships
  • various departments within a company
  • an emergency response team

You can control the times at which you want to have your calls answered by the Live Answering Service, for example after hours and on weekends, during business hours when your number is busy or not answering, or even 24/7.

Additional departments are just $5 a month on top of regular live answering plans! It’s fast and easy to add new employees/departments to the service as your business grows. And your Australian-based virtual receptionists are there 24/7—always professional and always polite.

Contact Alltel today on 1300 255 835 to find out more about how Team Messenger (and our other Answering Services) can help your growing business to succeed.

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