Why we love Live Answering services (and you should too!)

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Why We Love Live Answering Services (And You Should Too!)

Too busy running your business for you to even pick up the phone? Or does the phone off the hook every time? Or does it even ring during ungodly hours like at two in the morning? Looking for a solution? Then a live answering service is the answer!

Here’s why we love live answering services:

Never miss out on potential business

Having a live answering service ensures that all your calls, including overflow and after-hours, are answered. Your business hours are extended without you having to physically open up your storefront. Subscribe to a virtual receptionist service, and they won’t just transfer calls and take messages—they can answer questions and book appointments, too! You still get to attend to your customer’s needs while you get some much deserved sleep.

Provide that human touch

Nobody really likes talking to machines or being stuck pressing too many buttons just to get to the right option. Live answering services gives callers a chance to actually talk to someone who can better address their need compared to that of an automated service. Calls can also be managed properly as the urgency can be better determined whether to transfer the call or not. Another bonus is that it can provide a more professional appearance especially for solo entrepreneurs and telecommuters.

It’s cost-effective

Instead of having to pay hourly wages and benefits to a receptionist who is there for a fixed number of hours, a live answering service will cost you less in the long term. This leaves you and your other staff members free to work on other important stuff.

It’s flexible

With live answering, you don’t just get calls answered, you can actually get more! You can customize the service for many routine calls as handling basic call enquiries, respond to emails etc. You can also opt to have your calls transferred to you or to your staff for specific types of calls. So you don’t just pay to have your calls answered – they get answered in the manner that you want them to be answered. Do you really want a haggard staff member to answer the phone? With live answering – your callers get a professional, cheerful answer whenever they call.

Still in doubt? Give us a call here at ALLTEL, and we bet you’ll love to hear why you should love and get a live answering service from us today.

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