Integrate your Alltel Phone System with MS Teams and unify your business communications.

Microsoft Teams Calling plans from $15 per month.

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Unified communications app included in Office 365.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Integrate communication and collaboration into one system for any of your existing devices.

Unified communications app included in Office 365.

Microsoft Teams is the platform of choice for many businesses for team collaboration. It combines workplace chat, file storage, application integration, and video meetings all in one system.

Rather than use separate apps for team collaboration and phone calls, get a complete hosted PBX system and collaboration tool in one with Microsoft Teams Calling.

With Microsoft Teams Calling, you can use your SmartConnect phone system to take and receive calls all within the MS Teams app.


Single, scalable platform with infinite
possibilities for communication.

Microsoft Teams proves to be the ultimate platform for workforce collaboration. It is a fully
decked tool for document storage, online meeting environment, and chat-based communication.

Collaboration and communication in one
Collaboration and communication in one

Skip the need for another communications app. Connect your phone lines in Teams to make and receive calls, while collaborating real-time with your staff. Video, chat, call, and share files across all devices.

One number, multiple devices
One number, multiple devices

Use one number for multiple devices. Access advanced telephony features on your phone system, laptop, or mobile phone. Get the Teams calling experience using your existing phone numbers without the need to port or transfer them.

Customised call queues and call routing
Customised call queues and call routing

Increase individual customer engagement and team effectiveness by creating custom call queues and call routing schemes for your staff with Teams. Utilise basic call features and video telephony for collaborative tasks. Customer support roles get access to advanced telephony, and call queues sync to all devices.

Unified communications app included in Office 365.


Pick a plan that suits your team's needs.

Unified communications app included in Office 365.

Microsoft Teams Calling allows you to make and take calls from both legacy and VoIP networks. The Teams app is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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Additional features for Teams

Tailor fit a call centre solution
for each member of your team.

Why use Microsoft Teams?

Personalise your MS Teams further by tailoring a multi-functional solution for each role in the business. Pay only for what you need. Solutions include call forwarding, call recording, call queueing, call analytics and AI, skill-based call routing, CRM integration, custom on-hold music, and IVR.

Why use Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft teams calling

What is Microsoft Teams Calling and how does it work?

Microsoft teams calling

While Microsoft Teams is mostly used for internal communications and messages, Microsoft has developed a way to convert Teams into a business phone system. Users can make and receive outgoing and inbound calls, as well as combine meetings, chat, and other features, by adding voice and PBX capabilities to Teams.

Employees can make work calls from wherever they are by using Teams Calling combined with a cloud-based phone system. Teams allows users to make VoIP calls to other Teams users.

What are the key features of Microsoft Teams Calling?

Key features

A Microsoft Calling Plan is an add-on telephone service that, when combined with a phone system, becomes your company's voice solution. Microsoft provides calling plans as a per-user license and allows customers to make and receive phone calls by providing a primary phone number, minute bundles, and PSTN services.

Call forwarding, transferring, queuing and holding, simultaneous ringing, call history, voicemail, and emergency calling are all supported by Calling in Teams. When you add voice to Teams via Direct Routing, you're also introducing PBX features. Meetings, chat, file management, and collaboration can be combined with outbound and inbound telephony to provide genuine unified communications.

Microsoft teas key features
Business phone system

Can Microsoft Teams replace my current business phone system?

Business phone system

Microsoft Teams may be a cost-effective solution for startups and small businesses' basic telephony needs. However, midsize and enterprise businesses with larger and more complicated networks may have difficulties in changing their complete PBX system.

Businesses must create a seamless, pleasant phone experience that swiftly and efficiently routes clients to the appropriate individual. Teams does not yet support enterprise-level phone systems, thus if you completely replace your phone system with Teams, you will lose these services.

However, if you use the benefits of voice and Microsoft Teams to extend your communications network to meet all of your business demands, investing in your present infrastructure could be beneficial. To make the most of Teams, assess first which capabilities your brand needs and what improvements to your enterprise phone system you may require.

Why should my business use Microsoft Teams Calling?

Microsoft teams calling

Using the Teams platform as a business PBX and its calling features is a tremendously valuable service for any company. In terms of convenience, the act of making and receiving phone calls is quite straightforward, with the ability to smoothly transition between chat, calls, and meetings. It's a professional solution that lets you to utilize your company phone number while you're not in the office.

By incorporating voice into Teams, your company is unifying communications and establishing a single system for all communications on a single device. Rather than introducing and maintaining many systems, implementing a single system to manage all of these features provides a more seamless and integrated interface while also saving money, time, and maintenance.

Microsoft teams calling


Got more questions about MS Teams?

Can I use my existing phone number if I move to Teams Calling?

You can use the porting wizard in the Microsoft Teams admin center to transfer your phone numbers from your current service provider or carrier to Teams.

If your nation or region isn't featured in the porting wizard, you can submit a port order manually, or you can go to ‘Manage phone numbers for your company’, pick your country or region, and then download a Letter of Authorization (LOA).

If you don't state in the LOA that you're transferring a service number (rather than a user or subscriber number), the concurrent calling capacity may be insufficient to accommodate high call volumes.

Can I make international calls from Microsoft Teams?

International calls can be made through Teams as long as the caller has an appropriate international calling plan and if they are attempting to call certain countries.

Licensed customers can utilize an International Calling Plan to call numbers in the country/region where their Microsoft 365 license is issued based on their location, as well as international lines in 196 countries/regions. Incoming minutes are unrestricted. Depending on the license purchased, outgoing minutes are included.

Integrate Microsoft Teams Calling with your business phone system to connect and collaborate seamlessly.

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