You can make your device an extension of your phone system.

Alltel Phone Systems include the Cisco Webex Softphone for your computer, tablet and mobile.

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Business phone system integrated into one mobile application phone call video call call recording file sharing instant messaging communication tools


Get an on-the-go phone system from the get-go.


Cisco Webex is a the industry-leading app that brings softphone and collaboration functionality to all your devices, along with essential remote collaboration features like voice, video, and file sharing.

All Alltel SmartConnect plans come standard with Cisco Webex’s desktop and mobile apps.

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Take your phone network with you wherever you go.

Keep your team and your customers connected with Cisco Webex— the one collaboration app you’ll need.

Cross-device apps Cross-device apps

Cisco Webex is available on PC, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Integrated softphone Integrated softphone

All VoIP plans lets you use Cisco Webex to make and take calls on any device, and use its call management features.

Collaboration & messaging Collaboration & messaging

Collaborate with your team in real time with features like instant chat, video calling, whiteboarding, file-sharing, and more.

Virtual conferencing Virtual conferencing

Set up meetings of any size with Cisco Webex’s powerful virtual conferencing & desktop sharing capabilities.

Flexibility and scalability Flexibility and scalability

Our SmartConnect and Cisco Webex services are hosted on our secure servers, ensuring fast setup, easy scalability, and reliable connection.

Easy integration Easy integration

Cisco Webex integrates seamlessly with countless CRM and productivity tools like Salesforce, Facebook Workplace, Office 365 and more.

Webex phone for desktop Webex phone for tablet
Webex for Mobile
Cloud basedCloud-based softphone
Quick and EasyQuick and easy setup
VirtualVirtual conferencing and whiteboarding
Voice and videoVoice and video calls
advance routingAdvanced routing and voicemail support
Integration CRMIntegration with CRM and productivity tools
WindowsWindows, Mac, Linux. iOSand Android support
Instant messageInstant team messaging and file sharing

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Frequently asked questions

Got more questions about Cisco Webex?

What devices are supported by Cisco Webex?

Cisco Webex works on any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop device. It has apps for Android, iOS (including iPadOS), Windows, Mac, and Linux. Access your mobile PBX by downloading the app.

Do I have to pay extra to access Cisco Webex mobile PBX / UC app on my phone?

There are no added charges for setup of your Cisco Webex account. Simply download the app and log in using the same username and password used for your Alltel SmartConnect account.

Get a powerful phone system that fits in your hands.