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Business’s demands for internet connectivity are fast outpacing what copper wire technology can provide. The National Broadband Network (NBN) uses a mix of cable, fibre, wireless and satellite technology to provide high-speed internet accessible across Australia.

Alltel’s NBN™ services provide reliable, high-speed broadband connections specialised for business operations, including VoIP, video conferencing, file-sharing and cloud-based services.

What is NBN™?

The National Broadband Network (NBN™) is an Australia-wide network upgrade that aims to provide access to modern phone and internet services across the country. A majority of the network will use fibre technology, which transmits data using light signals, making connections faster and less prone to disturbance.

why you need nbn for your business

Why do I need NBN™ for my business?

As the NBN™ rollout proceeds, ADSL and ISDN services will be disconnected and shutdown. For businesses still using those connections, it’s imperative to switch to a new system.

NBN™ is a big step up from older technology in terms of both capacity and reliability. Alltel NBN™ provides asymmetrical speeds from 12/1Mbps to 100/40Mbps, depending on your chosen plan. As an uncontended service, it doesn’t have you sharing bandwidth with other users, which means you retain your full speed even at peak hours. The service is also multi-paired, meaning your connection stays up even if one line malfunctions.

A business NBN™ service for the modern workplace.

As soon as NBN availability is confirmed in your area, you will have 18 months to carry over your services to the new network. Alltel communications specialists can advise you which of your devices need to be switched over for a smooth transition to NBN.

More great features.

No data caps

No need to worry about shaped speeds and overage charges. Your NBN broadband comes with unlimited uploads and downloads.

Responsive customer support

No waiting in queue with thousands of residential users. Get immediate access to our fast and friendly customer support team for any concerns.

Switch plans any time

Have the ability to upgrade NBN plans as needed (subject to service qualification).

Superior speeds

Transfer your service to Alltel, and get the best deal from our range of NBN plans for business.

Business continuity

Get a resilient and superfast NBN internet service that’s less prone to signal disruptions and changing weather conditions.

Free installation

A standard installation of NBN equipment is completely free of charge.

Achieve peak performance with connections built for the future.