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Keep your business running over Australia's National Broadband Network. All NBN™ plans come with unlimited data with varied speeds that support light to heavy data use, and are offered at a 24-month contract term.

20.4 MbpsTypical business hours speed


per month

ex GST

Unlimited data24-month contract

Setup $0

Total minimum cost $1896

42.1 MbpsTypical business hours speed


per month

ex GST

Unlimited data24-month contract

Setup $0

Total minimum cost $2136

88.3 MbpsTypical business hours speed


per month

ex GST

Unlimited data24-month contract

Setup $0

Total minimum cost $2616

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The National Broadband Network (NBN™) is a replacement for Australia's old copper wire technology. NBN™ uses a mix of cable, fibre, wireless and satellite technology to provide high-speed internet access across the country.

Alltel NBN™ services provide reliable high-speed broadband connections specialised for business operations, whether big or small.

More great features

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No data caps

Unlimited NBN™ plans give you the freedom to do data-heavy activities at any time of the day. There's no need to worry about shaped speeds and overage charges. Your NBN™ broadband comes with unlimited uploads and downloads.

Superior speeds

Get speeds of up to 100 Mbps on the new and improved communications network. Transfer your service to Alltel today, and get the best deals from our range of business NBN plans.

Secure connections

A static IP address comes with every business NBN internet service, which means your connection is secure. You can also run VPNs and web applications, even while multiple staff share a single internet connection.

Business continuity

Get a resilient and superfast NBN internet service that’s less prone to signal disruptions and changing weather conditions. Ensure business continuity and internet connectivity for your office.

Free installation

A standard installation of NBN equipment is completely free of charge. However, new copper pairs are not included. Multiple site visits for the installation may be required.

Switch plans anytime

Upgrade your NBN plan as needed. All requests are subject to Alltel's standard procedure of service qualification and installation costs

Responsive customer support

Skip the waiting queue, which has thousands of residential users. Get immediate access to our fast and reliable customer support team for any concerns about your NBN internet plan.

Business phone compatibility

All NBN broadband services are compatible with our SmartConnect Hosted PBX, Alltel VoIP, and SIP trunking services. You can also keep your existing business phone number by choosing our NBN + Voice Bundle.

Frequently asked questions

All your questions
about the NBN answered.

Do I have to switch to the NBN?

Yes. Switching to the NBN is necessary for most areas in Australia in order to continue receiving Internet service. As the NBN is rolled out across the country, existing ADSL network connections are being switched off. This means you won’t receive calls over a traditional phone line as well as have access to the Internet via cable or ADSL once the network is off.

Can I use my old phone with NBN?

It depends on the phone. If you have an existing analogue phone, then it should work on NBN Fibre connections once plugged into the voice port marked UNI-V on the modem or NTD box. In other cases, consider using a mobile phone.

What needs to be installed for NBN?

It would depend on the NBN type to be installed in your premises. If your area is eligible for Fibre to the Premises or FTTP, then you would need a connection box and a utility box installed. The utility box, also called the Premises Connection Device (PCD) is installed on an exterior wall close to the distribution board or electrical meter. It should be at least 255mm away from drainpipes, water meters, gas pipes, and electricity meters, and 410mm off the ground. As for the connection box, it is attached to an interior wall located opposite the utility box installed on the exterior wall. This connection box must be placed in a visible and accessible location.

How do I switch from ADSL to NBN?

It may sound like a daunting task, but it is easy and simple as contacting your Internet service provider (ISP). Contact them and request to upgrade your service if the NBN is available in your area. If in case the NBN is not available yet, then you may look for other options such as Fixed Wireless.

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