NBN phone systems for businesses: Fact vs myth

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
NBN Phone Systems for Businesses: Fact vs. Myth

The NBN will change the way millions of Australians live and work, future-proofing multiple industries for decades to come. While this infrastructure boost is expected to benefit everyone, the real winners are none other than small businesses. There is a lot of material on the web about NBN phone systems and internet services as well as myths used to take advantage of confused business owners. To help you avoid spending on equipment and upgrades you don’t need, we’ve come up with a list to separate fact from fiction.

NBN will make running your business easier—FACT

Think of the telecommunications network as a railway. No matter how fast and new your trains are, you can’t go full speed if your railroad is old and worn down. Australia’s network is more than a hundred years old. Although all regional areas have been connected since the late 80s, most areas have little to no access to fast and reliable internet services.

NBN phone systems give SMEs access to top talent across the country without paying for relocation costs and more overhead. Though they make up a large chunk of the economy, only a small number of tap into the national and international market. Access to high speed internet will encourage entrepreneurs to use cloud based apps and grow their operations even on a limited budget.

Switching to the NBN is automatic—MYTH

Unlike what most people think, making the switch to the NBN isn’t automatic. As it is rolled out in stages, some areas will get access earlier than others. You can check the availability for your location on the NBN website, or sign up for email updates to get a heads up when connecting is possible. Once your area is ready, you have 18 months to move your services.

This includes landline phones, ADSL, cable internet services, and cable phone services. ISDN lines and services that are already run over fibre are not included in the switch off. Talk with your provider to find out if you have to pay any termination fees for your old service or setup fees during the switch. As early as now, shop around for affordable NBN phone and internet bundles.

You need to have NBN ready phone systems—FACT

Rest assured that there would be months of notice before any phone and internet services are cut off. To be sure, you should check which of your devices need to be switched over. Aside from landlines, you should check your lift phones, fax machines, security and fire alarm systems, EFTPOS and ATMs, or medical emergency call systems.

Even if the NBN hasn’t been rolled out in your area yet, it is better to get phones that are already compatible to make the switch easier. Phones provided with Alltel VoIP and SmartConnect® are all NBN ready, making it easy to hook up to your new connection with no downtime.

NBN phone systems are expensive—MYTH

Upgrading your phone system and going hosted can help you cut down your monthly bills. Moving to the cloud means you get all the features and functions of a big business phone system, minus the high setup and maintenance costs.

Work from anywhere by creating a unified communications system. Make it convenient for your staff to conduct business on the road, without losing contact with your main location. Take advantage of free Alltel to Alltel calls to help your dispersed workforce collaborate over the phone.

Small businesses will benefit from this upgrade—FACT

We don’t just mean those living within the major CBDs. NBN will make it easy for any Australian to start and run a business—no matter where they are located. This much needed upgrade will deliver faster speeds and greater amounts of bandwidth to the people that need it the most.

By investing in the future and embracing new technology, we can make sure that Australia stays competitive for years to come. If you’d like to know more about NBN ready phone systems, give us a call at 1 300 ALLTEL or visit our official website at www.alltel.com.au.

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