Off for the weekend? Here’s how Hosted PBX can work for your business

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Off for the Weekend? Here’s How Hosted PBX Can Work for Your Business

You have to get away for the weekend. You just oughta. Attending Cousin Muriel’s wedding or visiting your dear mum, there are days that you really just have to get away. With a business to run, it’s understandable that it’s a bit hard to let go of work. But don’t you fret because here are some ways that Hosted PBX can take care of your business while you’re away:

Hosted PBX Has Awesome Features

  • Hosted PBX lets you transfer callers – since you are on holiday, it makes perfect sense to transfer calls to people who are working (your office manager perhaps). The beauty of this feature is that you are sure that all calls are answered and are being handled professionally.
  • In case of quick meetings, it can also let you to set up conference calls. After all, conferencing is a critical business feature, especially for those businesses that need to interact with customers. And we all know that customers are the lifeblood of any business.
  • With Hosted PBX, you can manage your calls even with one less person on the team with call queuing. Call queuing lets you present an engaging and professional experience for callers and cuts down on voice mails and missed calls. You can also customize this feature to drive specific enquires as well.
  • Your customers also need not to know that you’re away, especially if you are a one-man show. You can have your calls diverted to a Reception Connect Service wherein a live receptionist greets callers with your business name and will take messages and forward them to you via SMS and email. You then can get back to your customers at the soonest available time.
  • In case that you have to be based somewhere for a long period of time, relocating is easy as it only involves plugging in your phones to a new network. No carrying heavy hardware around and breaking your back and bank!
  • And if you’re the type who really can’t holiday on a holiday- Hosted PBX gives you the flexibility to work anywhere-from home, other offices, and even on holiday!

So with Hosted PBX, you can take your holidays worry-free. Call us now here at Alltel to get the best Hosted PBX System for your business needs.

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