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Never miss another call

A professional answering service
that answers all your business calls.

A professional answering servicethat answers all your business calls.

Every phone call you miss could be a lost opportunity for your business. Even if you’re in a meeting with a top client or finishing important paperwork, when you don’t answer your calls, you could be telling your customers that you don’t value their business.

So how do you juggle running your business and making sure your customers aren’t left hanging? Get a 24/7 live phone answering service.

Our professional Melbourne-based operators will answer your calls in your business name and respond based on your service arrangement: they might transfer calls to you depending on your availability or take a caller’s details and messages to pass along. You can use a live answering service to take all your calls, as a backup for overflow, or for after-hours and holiday calls—so your callers always get an answer from a real person and have no reason to look elsewhere!

Here’s how it works

We’ve got your business covered 24/7.

Reception Connect Concierge service Customer calls your
business anytime
around the clock
Call is redirected to
Alltel's Melbourne-based
live answering centre
Call is answered by a
professionally trained
Operator takes your
caller's details and
Sends an SMS alert to your
mobile and forwards the
message to your email
If you’re unavailable,
operator takes caller’s
details and message
If you’re available to talk,
operator transfers
the call to you
Operator contacts you
to check your availability
Show Concierge
If you’re unavailable,
operator takes caller’s
details and message
If you’re available to talk,
operator transfers
the call to you
Operator contacts you
to check your availability

Reception Connect™ – a basic phone answering service

Reception Connect™

Reception Connect™ plans offer a 24/7 live phone answering service. Calls to your 1800 or 1300 number, landlines, VoIP, or mobile phones can be redirected to our live answering centre, where a professional Melbourne-based operator will answer calls in your business name.

Operators follow a script to get your caller’s details and take their message. You’re alerted by email and SMS immediately, so you can review each message as it comes and respond as soon as you’re able to.

RC Concierge – a phone answering plus call transfer service

RC Concierge

Concierge service is an extended live answering service where calls can be answered and then transferred to you if you are available to take them. Callers are greeted by a real operator who will answer in your business name, check your availability and attempt a warm transfer to you if you choose to take the call.

If you are unavailable, we will take a message on your behalf and forward it, along with the caller’s details, directly to your mobile and email.

Personalise your service according to your needs.

Find the right live answering service fit for your business.

With a phone answering and messaging service, you never have to leave your customers hanging. You’re updated on the dot about important business messages, so you can reach out to your customers at a time that’s most convenient to you.

We have a plan for you whether you need an overflow solution, 24 hour message taking service or a concierge to warm transfer your calls.

Sample live answering recording

Listen to our demo calls.

Select the features and add-ons for your plan

Customise your professional answering service to match your business.

Choose when you would like your calls answered.

You can choose when to have our phone operators answer your business calls for you. We can take your calls after hours, on overflow, or weekends and holidays.

Manage calls for multiple staff, teams, or departments. 

We can answer calls for specific teams or individuals. When you set up your service, you can choose which calls are sent to our operators as well as who receives warm transfers or SMS and email alerts.

Welcome your customers your way. 

Personalise your script with custom greetings or sign-off messages. You can add a few extra questions for us to ask to make sure you know everything you need to about your callers.

Scale as your business grows.

Customising your service is quick and easy! Add extra call packs to accommodate more calls and tailor your service with advanced features as your needs change.

Why choose Alltel?

Choose Australia’s trusted and reliable service provider.

Australian-based operators 

Your calls are answered locally from the Alltel Live Answering centre, where we hire and train Australian operators to answer your business calls.

Quick and easy setup

We can have your service up and running in as little as one business day! You can even pair it with your Alltel Inbound Numbers and Business Phone Systems for a complete communications solution.

Tailored to your needs

Customise your service with additional features like personalised greetings, additional questions, and so much more. Adding and removing features is quick and easy.

Flexible support for your business 

Live answering is the perfect solution for growing your business. You can easily scale your service as you add more teams, move offices and take on more phone calls.

Manage your service online 

Manage your live phone answering service through My Alltel, our powerful customer portal. You can access copies of your messages, download free reports, and pay your bill––all online!

Instant notifications 

Review your messages as soon as they come! Each message is sent through SMS and email, so you can access it while in meetings or when it's impolite to take a call.

Frequently asked questions

Got more questions about our
phone answering service?

What is considered “after hours” with an answering service?

Phone answering services handle calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, “after hours” really would depend on your business specifically.

Can landline phones be used with an answering service?

Yes, of course. Phone answering services work on the premise of call forwarding. As long as your assigned phone, landline or mobile, can forward, then you shouldn’t have problems connecting with the service.

Can an answering service schedule appointments for me?

Our phone answering service only offers basic call handling, message taking and transferring of calls. For appointment booking and more advanced call handling features, learn more about our virtual receptionist service.

The quality of our customer service was definitely enhanced by the responsiveness of the Alltel Live Answering service. … A lot of our enquiries come from clients who are working on strict deadlines, so the speed at which the messages are delivered is very important.

Sam Qualtrough | Python Charmers

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