Pick up the phone for better business

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

We all get calls. As a business, all calls are important. For business owners, unanswered calls = lost customers; lost customers = lost sales. Not a pretty picture, eh?

“But that’s why there’s email”

While we do like email, we can’t just hide behind it forever. Real business relationships are fostered in 2 ways- in person and over the phone. Short of talking to someone face-to-face, a telephone call is the next best thing to happen.

So why answer?

With studies showing that consumers are often close to making a buying decision when first calling a business, sending the call to voicemail can be disastrous as you’ve let a potential sale slip through the cracks as more than half the callers won’t leave a message and simply hang up.

Having your phone answered is always good, but having a live person answer a call is better and can be key to a business’ success. The initial phone call is a great chance to set the tone for all future interactions – giving you an opportunity to establish your reputation as a professional. This holds true for all businesses, and is even more critical so for solo-proprietorships and businesses that are just starting.


Instead of letting calls go through voicemail and eventually losing customers to the competition, consider live answering service. If you are in meetings, your staff handling a full house- a live answering service can be of great help.

Picture this – while you and your staff are there to personally answer calls, things will get busy as the day progresses. Instead of having the call go to an impersonal voicemail, a live, cheerful, professional voice will answer any of your customers’ queries. Live answering can also screen your calls. You can have calls diverted to your liking – your office phone, your mobile, to your assistant’s number and such. And it’s not only limited to phones – you can even have your calls set to be sent to fax or email too!

A live answering service can also provide you with business calls continuity – no more missing calls no matter what time of day or night, whatever season or reason. You can be able to make the most of out your business number – as potential clients can come from different parts of the country (even the world) and live in different time zones – there will always be somebody to take those calls for you.


If you’re still worried that it may sound too “robotic” or complicated – live answering can be personalised to meet your business’ needs. Not only will you get the highest quality phone service – so will your customers!

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