Call routing options for your
Alltel inbound number

A business call redirection service that measures up.

In a highly connected world, availability is everything. Alltel Call Routing is a call redirection and forwarding service that helps your business stay accessible for every customer need. Your inbound number redirection keeps you connected in smart and efficient ways, so not a single call is ever missed.

At Alltel, we understand that there is no one size fits all solution to communication. This is why our business team takes the time to learn about your business, in order to design a call flow that will not only make you more efficient and productive, but also create a pleasant call experience for your customers.

What is call routing?

Call Routing, otherwise known as call forwarding, is a feature of 1300, 1800, and 13 numbers that allow businesses to redirect or forward incoming calls to existing phone lines for better call management.

With thousands of configurations available, creating a custom call flow helps your business offer a seamless communication experience with your customers. Our inbound number specialists can help you craft an ideal solution to suit your changing business needs.


How would you like your calls to be redirected?

This inbound number feature gives you full control over which of your phones ring and when. Answer business calls on one or more of your landlines, mobiles, fax, VoIP phones, or to a live answering service when no one is available to take the call.

There are countless ways to customise your call redirection. Forward and route configurations for direct business calls based on time and day, location, or your availability. One setting may be applied on its own, or combined with others to create a complex scheme that works exactly the way you want it.

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Popular Call Forwarding and Call Routing Options

call distribution

Call Distribution

Call distribution, otherwise known as call splaying, gives you the ability to share incoming calls between up to 20 different lines. Calls among sites, departments, or individual staff members are distributed based on a pre-set ratio that must add up to a hundred percent.

This configuration is recommended for sales teams that want to share potential leads, or customer service departments looking to distribute calls among agents proportionately.

A call distribution scheme can be combined with Call Forward, but not with Time Based or Origin Based Routing. This option is included with your inbound number service at no added cost.

call forward on busy, no answer or congestion

Call forward on Busy, No answer or Congestion

Call forward on Busy, No answer or Congestion automatically redirects calls to one or more alternate numbers, if the initial line is engaged or not answering.

The system waits for a specified number of seconds before each call is sent to the next available line. Up to three consecutive forwards can be specified for each phone.

This configuration helps you operate your business 24/7, whether you’re working from home, on the road or on holiday. This routing option is included with your inbound number service at no added cost.

time and day-based routing

Time and Day-based Routing

Time and Day-based routing is a common redirection option that lets you determine which of your phones ring at a certain time and day of the week.

A common configuration directs calls to office phones during business hours on weekdays, and to a mobile phone or a live answering service during after-hours and holidays.

Creating a solution that works with your schedule provides structure while minimising distractions throughout your work day. This option is included with your inbound number service at no added cost.

call barring

Call barring

Call barring is a feature that restricts your number from receiving specific inbound calls based on your preferences. This added capability saves you time by helping you avoid calls from unwanted and nuisance callers.

Blocking calls from mobiles and those dialed from outside your areas of operation cuts down your monthly phone bill while letting you focus on revenue-generating tasks. This option is available with your inbound number service at no added charge.

state based routing

State-based Routing

State-based routing identifies the caller’s current location and connects them to the nearest state branch. All calls dialed from states not included in your configuration are automatically routed to your head office.

By connecting callers to their most convenient branch, you can ensure that the most capable members of your staff converts the lead.

This broad and simplified location-based call forwarding option is recommended for national businesses that have a single presence in multiple states. This option is included with your inbound number service at no added cost.

Region, Area, and Exchange-based Routing

Region, area, and exchange-based redirection are features that divert calls to specific phone lines based on the caller’s location. This set-up is highly recommended for businesses with a varied presence in multiple states.

In contrast to State-based routing, these location-based schemes are more particular in determining which offices are local and convenient for your customers. Choose to route calls to the nearest office based on the district, zone, or telephone exchange where the call originated from.

postcode prompting

Postcode prompting

Postcode prompting gives callers the ability to direct their own calls based on their provided postcode. All calls are answered with a standard greeting (included in the setup fee) and a request to enter a 4-digit postcode, before the call is connected to you.

This configuration is best for large franchise-style organisations that use a single inbound number for multiple locations. It is also popular among businesses that receive a lot of mobile calls that can’t be redirected through origin-based configurations.

By asking for their postcode, customers calling from outside their area of service can get connected to their preferred branch without being automatically redirected to a different office.

Boost your productivity with flexible routing solutions that fit you to a tee.