Share the smarter telco experience with Referral Rewards.

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson

Whether you’re signed up for a 1300 Number, a business phone system, or enjoying Analytix inbound number tracking, you can expect us to deliver a business telco experience that’s more personal, more customisable, and simply put, better.

We want to provide that same service to more businesses like yours. We’d love for you to help us do just that!

Refer your friends and get great rewards!

If you’re an existing Alltel customer, then consider referring a colleague to get an Alltel service today!

You won’t just be introducing them to a telco that actually cares— you’ll also be getting exclusive Coles e-gift cards for you and your friend. You can use these vouchers at any Coles branch near you!

The Referral Rewards program applies to all new Alltel services, such as 1300 Numbers, to VoIP & hosted PBX, phone answering, and more.

How does it work?

  • It’s real simple! You may either fill out this referral form for your friend, Or tell them to mention your business name and number when they call 1300 255 835 to sign up for a new service.
  • After their service is activated, a 3-month qualifying period will apply.
  • After the 3-month period, we’ll credit a $50 and a $25 voucher to you and your referral, respectively.
  • The voucher is valid at any Coles branch near you.

Make a referral today!

Have clarifications about the Referral Reward program? Want to refer a friend? Feel free to reach out! Call 1300 255 835, or chat us at today!

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