SmartConnect is now available with Cisco Webex.

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson

Say hello to a better phone system experience.

The team at Alltel has been hard at work with the folks at Cisco to elevate our communications and collaboration experience. We’re doing this by upgrading from our proprietary SmartConnect UC app to Cisco Webex.

We are happy to announce that starting today, all SmartConnect plans will get you access to our brand-new Cisco Webex platform. We have also made sure that the transition is as pain-free as possible: you must simply log out of your existing SmartConnect UC app, then log in to the Cisco Webex app with the same credentials.

SmartConnect UC app legacy support

To aid in this transition, we are keeping the SmartConnect UC app accessible until November 2021. However, you must not access or log-in to the SmartConnect UC app and the Cisco Webex app simultaneously.

Please note that message history and contact list will not be synced in the migration. You may instead re-add contacts from your business network or access their Outlook and phone contacts on the desktop and mobile Cisco Webex apps, respectively.

Please ensure that you back up important communication and files on SmartConnect UC before the full adoption of Cisco Webex on November 2021.

SmartConnect with Cisco Webex is for everyone.

If you are on the SmartConnect Executive Plan, you may be pleased to hear that that you can also take advantage of the Cisco Webex desktop and mobile apps as a softphone client.

We encourage you to download the app and experience the difference! For more detailed information on Cisco Webex’s full list of features, you may visit

Download Webex

We’re also updating your plan names.

Along with the rollout of our new and improved SmartConnect with Cisco Webex experience, we are also consolidating our UC and Hosted PBX suite into a unified naming scheme composed of three tiers: Essentials, Unlimited, and Premium.

We are making this change to make each plan’s core capabilities easier to communicate and remember for everyone involved. This update will not affect your plan’s current pricing or service inclusions.

The new naming scheme will take effect on 1st June 2021 and should reflect on next month’s billing statement.

Below are the new plan names and their current equivalents for your reference:

Hosted PBX Licenses
Current Plan NameNew SmartConnect Plan Name
SmartConnect ExecutiveHPBX Essentials
SmartConnect Executive UnlimitedHPBX Unlimited
SmartConnect Executive BundleHPBX Premium
Unified Communications Licenses
Current Plan NameNew SmartConnect Plan Name
SmartConnect UCUC Essentials
SmartConnect UC UnlimitedUC Unlimited
SmartConnect UC BundleUC Premium

For any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to learn more about our SmartConnect phone systems, you may call us at 1300 255 835 or visit our site at

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