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Fast activation

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Free local calls

Get free UNLIMITED calls made from local landlines. No flagfall and call connection charges.

Geo-routing (additional costs)

Direct incoming calls made to your number to a provided postcode or nearest state branch.

Call distribution

Distribute calls to up to 20 different lines between staff or by time-and-day settings.

Call reporting

Access inbound call reports featuring stats such as caller locations, peak times, and missed calls.

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Terms and conditions:

1. You may use the Licensed Smartnumber during the Term in accordance with this agreement.

2. You agree Alltel, retain the enhanced user rights (EROU) to the Smartnumber.

3. You have license to use the Smartnumber on a region, state, or national basis dependent on our agreement.

4. You cannot port the Smartnumber to another provider.

5. You may only use the Smartnumber as a telephone number and not as a trademark. Your company name, business name or house brand, must not incorporate the Smartnumber or any similar name.

6. You agree that (i) you have no rights to any trademark that incorporates the Smartnumber, (ii) we may license the Smartnumber to others in a different region or state during or after the Term, (iii) third parties may own or use names, trademarks, brands or telephone numbers similar to the Smartnumber, (iv) you must not challenge our rights or future licensee’s rights in relation to the Smartnumber or any trademark, company name, business name, domain name or other trading name that incorporates the Smartnumber, (v) you must not register a domain name, company name, business name or other trading name that incorporates the Smartnumber and (vi) you must notify us of any third party using any trademark, company name, business name, domain name or other trading name that incorporates the Smartnumber.

7. You agree to our Standard Form of Agreement and terms set in our Critical Information Summary.

8. Unless the contrary intention appears, a reference in this agreement to (i) a document includes any variation or replacement of it, (ii) a statute or other law includes all instruments under it and all amendments, re-enactments or replacements of any of them, (iii) the singular includes the plural and vice versa, (iv) a person includes an individual, a body corporate, a partnership, an unincorporated association or a government agency, (v) a “person” includes that person’s executors, administrators, successors, substitutes and assigns and (vi) the words “include” or “including” are not used as words of limitation.

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