Special Introductory Offer on Local Connect Virtual Numbers

Special Introductory Offer on Local Connect Virtual Numbers

Alltel Pty Ltd (www.alltel.com.au), a leading provider of telecommunications solutions to Australian businesses, is now offering new Local Connect “virtual” business phone numbers.

“We’re very excited to be offering this new service,” said Trent Brinsley, Alltel’s General Manager. “Our customers have helped us to design Local Connect by telling us which features are most important to them that aren’t currently provided by other services on the market.” A Local Connect number looks like any other Australian phone number, but that’s where the similarity ends.

It’s a “virtual” number, which means it’s not tied to a specific phone like a regular landline number. Instead, it can be configured to ring at one or more landline or mobile phones, both in Australia and overseas. These numbers are ideal for businesses wanting to promote a local presence.

A growing number of Australians prefers to support local businesses, which is where Local Connect comes to play: attracting new customers. You can also get Local Connect numbers for areas where you don’t have a physical location or office: for example, you can direct an 07 or 02 local number to your office in Melbourne and sell to customers Australia-wide.

Other benefits of this service include low VoIP call rates, free voice to email, missed call email notification service, concurrent calls, simultaneous ringing (of multiple phones), and real-time call records that can help you track your calls and measure the success of marketing campaigns. All of this is backed up by Alltel’s great customer service! Visit Alltel’s web site or call 1300 ALLTEL (1300 255 835) to find out how you can benefit from Local Connect and determine which service is the best fit for your business.

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