Starting a new business in 2023? Here’s what you need from your first business telco.

Samuel Howieson
Samuel Howieson
Starting a new business in 2023? Here’s what you need from your first business telco.

After a few disruptive years, 2023 should be the first year free from pandemic related disruptions and restrictions. That makes it the perfect time to launch a new venture.

These days, every new business needs a reliable internet connection to survive, but a strong Wi-Fi signal is just the start for an emerging enterprise. The right telco partner can equip you with the right tools to maximise your market in surprising ways, while scaling up with you as you expand.

Lucky for you, Alltel has all you need from a business telco! Read on below to learn more about the services we offer, and how they can work with you to grow your business.

Getting started?


Old-school reliability, next-gen capabilities.

Inbound numbers

What do I do with a phone? You might ask. A lot more than you think. Studies have shown that compared to clicks or forms, phone calls win when it comes to conversion rates. Plus, having, say a Local number makes it easier to form customer relationships in your local area, while a 1300 number can give your business that extra-credible look.

Virtual numbers let you choose which answer points to route your calls to. This way, you can choose to answer your calls using the office landline, take them with you and your mobile, or even entrust it with an answering service instead. It also makes maintaining a phone line more affordable, easier to track, and faster to scale.

With certain plans, as you’ll see below, you can even scale up so that an entire team can access a single phone line on mobile, desktop or phone.

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A phone number that puts you in control.

Call tracking and analytics

Virtual inbound numbers don’t just stop at just getting you calls. A number with a call tracking and analytics suite puts you in the driver’s seat of all your incoming phone leads.

It lets you do things that aren’t typically available with a standard inbound number. You can link it with your CRM platform of choice to see which ads drive more calls, log and reach out to all your missed calls, track new and returning callers with detailed reports, and so much more.

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A better connection leads to better business.


Of course, you can’t leave out your business’ backbone: a strong internet connection.

Business internet connections are built for both reliability and speed. Compared to residential plans, a true, enterprise-grade connection can handle bandwidth-heavy tasks like conferencing, data transfer and virtual hosting. A constant throughput of data is also guaranteed, regardless of peak/off-peak hours.

There’s a range of broadband options available at your disposal, from ones that use the NBN, an end-to-end Fibre line, or even a fixed wireless service. Mobile plans are also a consideration if you find yourself on-the-go a lot of the time.

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Expanding your business?


Never miss a call again.

Live answering services

Managing a business, balancing your life, and answering all your calls can get overwhelming quick, and that means you won’t always be there to answer the call.

With a phone answering or virtual receptionist service, you can rest easy knowing that all your calls will get answered, even if you can’t pick up the phone.

It works by forwarding missed, overflow, or after-hours calls to a designated call centre, where a trained operator will answer in your business name and greet callers with a customised script of your choosing. A virtual receptionist service is a bit more bespoke, with the operator being empowered to address minor customer queries and schedule your calendar.

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Upgrade your team’s connections to the cloud.

Business phone systems

Phone systems used to only be for larger enterprises with even larger pockets, but thanks to VoIP technology, you can bring advanced business phone to teams of any size, no matter where they are.

A modern business phone system is no longer tethered to a bulky desk phone either. Thanks to platforms like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams, you can access your business phone from any phone, desktop, or tablet of your choice.

With a Unified Communications (UC) subscription, you can even extend that functionality to include features like video conferencing, file sharing, and more, allowing your business to stay remote-ready.

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All you need is Alltel.

Business solutions

We are purpose-built to help your business thrive.

Alltel is the all-in-one telco that provides scalable cloud-based solutions that can adapt to your business’ needs, no matter the size, and no matter the setup.

Not sure which of these solutions to sign up for, or need something more specific to your needs? Get in touch today!

Our customer specialists will help you find something perfect for you. Just give us a call at 1300 255 835, or chat with us at

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