Three ways to power up your business with a 1300 number and Live Answering service

Pia Rios
Pia Rios
Three Ways to Power Up Your Business With a 1300 Number and Live Answering Service

Getting people to call your business won’t be a problem if you’ve already got a 1300 number. A 1300 number is a ten-digit number that customers can call anywhere, anytime. Calls made to a 1300 number can be routed to a landline, mobile, or office phone.

Apart from being easy to recall, a 1300 number makes your business look professional and sound credible. It’s a powerful tool that does so much for your business. Now, imagine how impressive your brand would be if your 1300 number was paired with a live telephone answering service. Here's how it works.

Forward Calls to a Dedicated Receptionist

Calls made to a 1300 number can be routed to a dedicated receptionist. This way, you don’t miss out on important customer calls. All calls made to your business number are answered by a professional. You can also set a prerecorded intro message for all incoming calls before a live operator answers.

Forward Overflow Calls

Whenever you fail to answer a customer’s call, you’re giving off the impression that they don’t matter. Missed calls are clearly something you must avoid. Pair your inbound 1300 number with an answering service so that you won’t miss out on important calls. Plus, the overflow function guarantees that all calls are answered and handled professionally. You can also route after-hour calls made to your 1300 number to a phone answering service.

Forward Calls Via an IVR

Make the process smoother for your customer with a 1300 number and a prerecorded voice prompt as well that instructs them on the steps to take. With the help of an IVR prompt, it ensures that all calls are routed to the right department, especially when they need to be redirected at once to a call answering service.

A 1300 number and live answering service when paired together help your business become more responsive to customers. And, combining these two services offers numerous benefits not only for your clientele but for your business as well. How so?

1. Boosts Customer Satisfaction

It’s no surprise that customers would rather speak to a live person than be greeted by an automated machine response. Callers appreciate talking to an actual person who is more than ready to attend to their needs. This boosts customer satisfaction that, in turn, boosts your business as well. A satisfied customer is most likely to recommend your service to someone else.

2. Handles Call Efficiently

Have you ever been interrupted by a call during an important meeting? With a professional answering service, you don’t have to worry about getting cold calls because a live operator handles all of them. Depending on your set up, you can choose to have the call transferred to you right away or schedule another time for a follow-up call.

3. Keeps Operating Costs at a Minimum

With live phone answering services, you don’t have to worry about hiring or even training staff members to answer calls. It's because service already employs professional Australian-based operators to answer on your behalf. Plus, getting a virtual answering service is way cheaper than hiring an in-house receptionist.

Now, instead of getting a 1300 number and a live answering service separately, get a communications provider who can do both.

Get Started with Alltel Connect Bundle

Alltel can help take your business a step further with Alltel Connect Bundle, which is a combination of a 1300 number and live answering service. This ensures that all your customers reach your business whenever, wherever – plus, get connected to a live person rather than a machine.

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