Tips and tricks for running a successful online business

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team

Gone are the days when the time spent in the office was the measure of how hard working and productive someone is. In fact, the opposite may be true. Studies show that spending all your time in front of your computer or on your mobile devices in the office may be counterproductive. For home and online businesses, this is a tricky dilemma because of the blurred lines between personal and work life.

Productivity naturally fluctuates throughout the day, but most of us feel too guilty to take breaks when needed. The same goes when it comes to taking a holiday. While running yourself to the ground may seem like you’re getting more work done, you’re actually sacrificing the quality of your work and jeopardising your business in the process. The secret to successful home based businesses is simple—get out of your office.

Go out and network

Referrals are the best marketing tools. There’s an inherent trust passed on that is not easy to replicate through other means. So make it a point to go out and meet new people. Those who allot at least 20 hours a week of networking get an astounding 70% of their business through referrals.

So how do you create the best first impression? Always be ready to exchange information with people that you meet. Have a memorable and professional business 1800 or 1300 number on your business card to show a large and stable image for business to develop trust and encourage your new connections to contact you when they or someone they know needs your services. Prepare casual questions as conversation starters but let the discussion flow naturally.

Let your environment inspire you

Getting as little food as possible on your keyboard as you take another lunch at your desk is not helping you be more productive. Go on a walk during your break, and eat your food at a nearby park. Rest assured that you aren’t missing any important business calls by utilising time and day-based routing for your inbound number and forward calls to your mobile.

Exposing yourself to a different environment relieves pent up stress and fatigue. This also more than doubles your capacity for creativity. If there’s no park near your house or place of work, go to a green space you can see plants and get a little bit of sunshine. Physical activity and green spaces improve the quality of your time off immensely. Avoiding any type of screens help you generate the best and most creative ideas.

Recharge your body and your mind

Don’t be afraid to take an entire weekend off, or take a well-deserved holiday with your family. Owners of startups often feel a lot of guilt about taking any time off. In fact, most of them never take any time off for as long as two years! Get over the fear of missing out on business opportunities by enlisting the help of a live answering service. Have professionally trained Australian based operators answer calls the way you want it and takes messages for you while you’re out. The best part—you can easily check for urgent messages because they are immediately sent via email and SMS.

A healthy body and sound mind makes better decisions, and a better entrepreneur. To learn more about how Alltel services can help you achieve that sought after work-life balance, give us a ring at 1300 ALLTEL or visit us at ALLTEL.

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