Unified Communications: How It can take your business communications to the next level

Pia Rios
Pia Rios

Team collaboration and communication within the business involves various touchpoints–from phones to desktop computers, tablets, landlines, and social media. Keep up with the conversation and stay connected with a system that unifies all these into one platform. This is none other than Unified Comms. But what exactly is Unified Communications (UC) and how can it benefit your business?

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Comms is an enterprise-grade system that makes it easier to contact individuals through instant messaging, email, fax, video chat, and phone–all in one platform. Other than that, Unified Comms system simplifies the management of smartphones, softphones, and hard phones into one system. By utilising unified comms, it eliminates the arduous task of memorising numerous usernames and passwords.

Benefits to Your Business Communication

  • Improves Customer Service

    Customers who call your business immediately want their concerns addressed. More often than not, they want to speak to a particular person or get transferred to the right department. With UC, even if the person they wish to speak to isn’t at the office or at their desk, you can redirect their call to the mobile device of that individual.
    Plus, not every customer who decides to contact your business does so through voice calls alone. Millennials or Generation Y users are unlikely to pick up the phone and call your business. They’d contact you via social media or a smartphone app. With UC, you're sure to cover all channels of communication–no matter who your target market is–that is easily accessed on one platform.
  • Boosts Team Collaboration

    Face-to-face meetings used to be the norm, but with the rise of collaboration tools like UC, employees can come together, wherever and whenever, on short notice. Web and video conferencing make it easier to connect with the workforce and boost collaboration between team members. Much like the concerns of customers, problems or issues that may arise in the workplace can be addressed right away.

Emerging technologies like augmented reality are constantly changing the ways people communicate. With UC, it simplifies the method of collaboration and interaction, which helps businesses improve employee productivity and unite different modes of communication.

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