Should you use a cheap answering service?

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
Should You Use a Cheap Answering Service?

Have you found it impossible to find a locally based and CHEAP answering service with fully trained professionals to answer your calls when you're unavailable? Our answering service operators are all based in Australia and are ready to start engaging today as a first point of contact with your potential customers.

But first, let's clear up a few common doubts about cheap answering services in Australia.

What’s the difference between a cheap answering service and a more expensive one?

Well, in most cases, a lot. Cheap answering services typically come at a high price – poorly trained offshore staff, unmotivated and receiving low pay. Doesn't sound too inviting does it? However Alltel's unique business model means we are able to provide a high quality cheap answering service with fully trained locally based operators.

Can I get a cheap answering service and still have calls answered in Australia?

Yes. Our high quality cheap answering service plans start from $29 per month. And the best part is that all our operators are based in Australia and will answer in your business name.

What are cheap answering services used for?

Far too many potential sales are lost due to callers hanging up when they are redirected to voicemail, or even worse — the dreaded answering machine! The cost of these lost opportunities is immeasurable especially when weighed against the low cost of Alltel's cheap live answering service, which places a real person at the service of your potential clients.

Who uses cheap call answering services?

Many companies are jumping at the chance to take advantage of Alltel's unique and affordable live answering service. From start-ups to medium sized companies, from tradies through to marketers.

If you are in a meeting with a customer and can't afford to be disturbed by an incoming call, Alltel's service offers the possibility of having notifications of any potential leads who've contacted you sent to your phone via text message. Alltel's answering service operators can handle a large volume of incoming calls on behalf of your company whilst you busy yourself with the important jobs that will really grow your business!

What are the benefits of a low cost answering service?

A cheap answering service provides the following benefits:
  • Professionalism — all our operators are based in Australia and approach their work with engaging and thoughtful personalities. Alltel requires all operators to receive ongoing training to ensure that your expectations are met.
  • Flexibility — Alltel's operators are available around-the-clock to take calls on behalf of your company whilst you focus on the day to day running of your business.
  • Price – Alltel's unique business model allows us to offer a cheap answering service with Australian-based operators.
  • Updates — a brief summary of all calls that are received by our operators will be sent as both email and text so that you needn't be distracted at key moments of your working day.
  • Presentation — you will be proud to have Alltel's operators as the first point of call for your business and will soon see us an extension of your business.

While Alltel's answering service may be cheap, a price can't be put on the quality and detail that goes into every call taken by our locally-based operators.

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