How do you use your fax machine today?

The Alltel Team
The Alltel Team
How Do You Use Your Fax Machine Today?

In this day and age of paperless fax, do people still use their fax machines? Surprisingly yes!

While other industries or businesses such as brokers, and those working in finance officially make use of a fax machine, others have already moved on to Fax2Email.

So…what is one to do with the old fax machines? Fret not as you can still put this piece of technology to good use. Here are some ways-ranging from the creative to the destructive to the practical – to put your old fax machine to use.

  • Send a threatening fax to your enemies –a few years back, a news agency reported that a certain manic despot sent out a fax saying that they will attack ‘without notice’; apparently, the threatened nation replied back – via fax.
  • Warm up your donuts or sandwiches - if you have an old fax machine laying around in the office, chances are it’s made with halogen bulbs which give off heat. So heat up your donuts and sandwiches (although s’mores may seem like a good idea but can be pretty messy) and enjoy a warm snack courtesy of the old office fax machine.
  • Turn it into works of art – gut your old fax machines of their wires, magnets and other bits. Use these parts to create serious steampunk style accessories, collages, or even sculptures. Turn your hollowed-out machines into something useful like a storage cabinet, plant holder, or personal safe for your valuables. You can also take it home and turn it into a hiding place for a nanny cam or turn it into a focal point of your home by having it converted into an aquarium. Neat ‘eh?
  • Donate it – if your old fax machine still has some life in it and is not yet ready for the dumpsters or recyclers, extend its life of service by donating it. You can donate to charitable organisations who can put it to good use. You can also donate to tech/vocational schools for training purposes. And if it’s really that old – hey, donate it to a museum! At least you can ensure that generations to come would have an idea on what a fax machine is.

So whether you’re waging war, trying to fax food somewhere, or creating a new sculpture ala Klippel -remember - fax machines helped make you do it!

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