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Skip the need for a physical office and expensive equipment with the latest advancements in technology. Virtual office solutions allow you to set up shop regardless of your business size and location. By going virtual, you enjoy enhanced mobility, lower overhead costs, and increased productivity.


Fax to Email

Send and receive emails minus the bulky machine.

Fax2Email (fax to email) is an online fax solution that sends and receives documents without the need for a fax machine. Access your faxes anytime, anywhere on your mobile devices.

If you need access to faxed documents on the go, then this is the recommended solution. Best for business owners that want to go paperless, protect client privacy, save valuable desk space, and reduce maintenance costs.


Voice to Email

Get access to voice messages through email.

Voice2Email is an online messaging service that receives voicemail without the need for an answering machine. Messages are converted into a sound file and sent as an email attachment to your designated email address.

This service is recommended for business owners who take orders over an answering machine. If you’re a tradie on house calls and are too preoccupied to regularly check voicemail, then a voice2email service is best. You get instant notifications and urgent messages are never missed.

Voiceover recording

Voiceover recording

Customise a personal greeting for your callers.

Voiceover recording is a professional recording service that lets you customise your telephone greetings and voice prompt IVR menus with the help of experienced voice talents.

Personalise and reinforce your branding through a voiceover recording. You can leave a positive and lasting impression on customers through professionally recorded greetings and menus.

Business intro

Business intro

Greet your callers with a professional recording.

A business intro is an automated greeting service that helps businesses answer calls consistently. Our professional voice talents record a custom greeting that announces your company name before each call is connected to you.

This service is great for home-based businesses that want to sound professional over the phone without hiring an in-house receptionist. It is also recommended for multiple branches that use a shared business phone number.

Voice prompt menu (IVR)

Voice prompt menu (IVR)

Connect your callers to the right department.

A voice prompt menu (IVR) is a call forwarding feature that lets callers connect to a person/department by dialling a number on the keypad as prompted, i.e. press 1 for Sales… press 2 for Support.

If you’re a sole trader that wants your business to appear larger, then this is a great service to add to your phone system. Also, it’s a recommended service for startups with remote workers that use one business phone number for all employees, or for businesses with outsourced services like accounts or PR.

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